Even More Propaganda: The Zoo TV Guide, 1992

20 March 2014
Even More Propaganda: The Zoo TV Guide, 1992
We're always looking to bring our subscribers rare content and someone reminded us that long before the internet there were these printed artefacts made with ink and paper called 'magazines'. In the mid-1980's the band launched their own magazine, Propaganda.

Each edition carried interviews, behind-the-scenes action from video-shoot or recording studio, road diaries, classic photography, profiles of acts that the band were into and stories about campaigns from Amnesty or Greenpeace.

Published with regular irregularity over 16 years until 2002, Propaganda was the band's official magazine. Only fan club members received it and it was the place to get in touch with U2 afficonados around the world. You could send each other postcards (like extremely slow emails travelling by sack in ships and planes) and arrange to meet at gigs. You could fall in love and spend your life together. Some people did.

Some of our more mature subscribers will have back copies clogging up an attic somewhere but most of you will never have seen it. That's why we've started bringing a new (old) issue online two or three times a year. (To preserve people's anonymity we've redacted surnames, home addresses and phone numbers from the print editions and occasionally we'll exclude some elements of the original content).

'The latest edition we're bringing online is from 1992, when the band were taking ZOO TV all round the world. It has the inside story on life on the road including a no-holds barred interview with singer and guitarist ('When did you last wash your socks?'). Enjoy...

First Published in 1992.

First Published in 1988.

First Published in 1994

This second issue to go live is from 1994 with film director Wim Wenders talking to the band, Bono paying tribute to Frank Sinatra and Bob Marley, Jim Sheridan talking about his film 'In The Name Of The Father' and Willie Williams' diary '1000 Days of ZOOTV' .

First Published in 1991

We're kicking things off with a special issue which marked the release of Achtung Baby in 1991, the only edition to go beyond the fan club. Take a read, play around with the features and tell us what you think in the comments. (If you know Propaganda from way back when, tell us which issue you'd like to see go live next.)

'To mark the first all-new studio album since The Joshua Tree in 1987, this issue of the band's own magazine charts the creation of the new long-player in places as diverse as Berlin, Germany, North America and Dublin, Ireland.
This edition contains exclusive, largely unpublished, photography from Anton Corbijn, location reports from the making of The Fly video, and background information on how the 'look' of Achtung Baby came together…'
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fender35 - 21 March, 2014
Going back to the old (fender45)
Still got a program from the royle court (Liverpool ) well and truly a keep sake
hkleinjan - 21 March, 2014
Old memories
I was always looking forward to the next issue of Propaganda I've got all copies. The magic is gone since the website. I still miss the extraordinary interviews. I totally agree with bonoman
lauramullen - 20 March, 2014
I still cherish the issues of Propaganda that I have.
SagePearl - 20 March, 2014
If Either had Ran The Zoo...
Long before Oliver Jeffers, there was once Dr. Suess. Little wonder, childrens' stories can be such inspiration. Now if there is a possibility, both authors could meet up sometime and come with the possibilities for the next tour....
alucia - 20 March, 2014
not accessible for the blind
Hi all, I am here new fan, but not new U2 fan. I a as blind use voiceover with safari and this is not accessible with it. Nevertheless it is good idea to reprint it as it was suggested in other formats. Thank you.
Brumador - 21 January, 2014
¡Terrífico ;-)!
lucvanhout - 01 January, 2014
Please.... give us Rattle and Hum ( Poin
Still waiting for 25th anniversary edition
ains - 29 December, 2013
Love Town
How interesting to see the latest reissue, reminds me of the trip I made with friends back in1989 to see Love Town in Utrecht. Some how we got to the front, but the gig ended early and pre internet days we did not find out about the rescheduling until it was too late. We eventually all made it to an early ZOO TV show at Earl's Court thanks to Propaganda... Great to see the link between the records and tours....Seems a bit boring to only be an Horizon member of! As mentioned by other fans downloadable PDFs would be appreciated.
baccus1 - 28 December, 2013
R&H 25th anniversary Remastered Edition!
R&H 25th anniversary Remastered Edition! We want it! With bonus tracks, b-sides, videos and more... Do we start a petition? Hurry Up
joshthetree - 23 December, 2013
Tree-mendous ;0)
Thanks for reprinting/ publishing issues of Propaganda. They're really great to see again, please can you go all the way back to the little photocopied booklets from U2 Info Service? It's really nice to see all this cool U2 stuff again and makes you appreciate what an amazing journey Bono, Adam, Larry and Edge have been on. What with downloads, the new fan club book and the revamped website it just gets better and better. Cheers all the best for Christmas and/ or the Holiday Season and wishing you all a great U2014!
pain_18_ - 18 December, 2013
Love is Blindness
Amazing...who knew Achtung Baby had such deep roots in Rattle and Hum...I wish I had these magazines in my hand, I have eye-problems and it's getting very hard to read off the screen !!!!!!!!!!!!
bosslady - 11 December, 2013
I still have every issue and I find myself revisiting them often; although I love the online content, it would be awesome to get a Propaganda magazine in the mail just like back in the day. I can remember checking daily to see if it came and was so ecstatic when it finally arrived. Old school all the way!
imjustdowntheline - 02 November, 2013
I have every issue, paper as well as magazine, blessed to be a fan and member since 1983.
paoladegliesposti - 02 November, 2013
u2 propaganda
when next one magazine to read?
D2U2 - 26 October, 2013
Propaganda - Keeping the dream alive
I received my first Propaganda when I was just in 5th or 6th grade. I would read those magazines from cover to cover. It is what kept the dream alive for me...that one day I would see U2 in concert. Unfortunately during my moves I lost my collection. Sad, sad day. Luckily I have had the opportunity to travel all over the U.S. from Denver, San Fran, Raleigh, Chicago, Minneapolis, Seattle to see U2. My ultimate dream....seeing U2 LIVE in Dublin. I would love to see a hardcopy again....but any form of propaganda will suffice for this U2 junky!
paoladegliesposti - 09 October, 2013
Propaganda live from 1994
the reading has been pretty lovely, especially the highlights about Amnesty and Wim Wenders. Also beautiful fan reviews and comments!
SagePearl - 26 September, 2013
To add another thing...
It would be wonderful to get all the articles and pictures, as well as contributions from the fans, that are still as timely, compile them all together and publish as a book . ;)
bragi - 25 September, 2013
It's not my fault I was left in the un-united states.. Truth: I had no idea until recently there are different rules in different states.. how is that united you might ask yourself..
bragi - 25 September, 2013
Would you just reprint them and give a new cover so everyone is up to speed? Some of us are not original...
lucvanhout - 25 September, 2013
25 years old. Lets celebrate with new clothing and remastered sound of RATTLE AND HUM please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The great 80's
soey - 25 September, 2013
Great Magazine
I have none of these issues :( But I have a great book called Best of Propaganda :) Why not a book All of Propaganda? Would be really great
joshthetree - 25 September, 2013
great stuff many thanks love this
ozziepaulgerrard - 18 September, 2013
Pre propaganda
I have all but two of the original pre-propaganda world service mags. Seeking edition ONE (prophetic) and twelve of the 16 released b4 propaganda as is known now. Owner of the propaganda "10 years" book too. Scarce but a great publication. Happy to do a deal. Contact me gerrardfamilysyd at bigpond dot com if you have editions one or twelve... A copy of U2 three entice you? With the "bang bono" inscription in the vinyl?
Bad - 16 September, 2013
Truly Collectables
I count myself very fortunate and own majority of the Propoganda issues and under no circumstances would I consider parting with them..........They were a great read. Suggestion - Create one off edition with CD and issue upon membership renewal...?
wapo2001 - 16 September, 2013
Digital Copy possible ?
It would really be great, if subscribers had the chance to download those old Propaganda magazines (PDF, iBook ...). Hope you can make this possible !!!
Mofoman - 14 September, 2013
U2 Magazine
I've got all copies, including U2 Magazine fanzine. It was a special day when you saw the envelope in the mail box. I miss those days. U2 fans had a sense of belonging to something very special and unique. Sorry but, with the magic has gone away...
joshthetree - 13 September, 2013
nice new feature =0)
8 - 01 September, 2013
iBook format?
Would you like me to make an iBook or app format of Propaganda? I would perform the service as a labour of love :)
englishsid - 01 September, 2013
have them in my loft
Used to wait and wait for these to arrive. Loved them
TheLoungeFLy - 30 August, 2013
Downloadable Copies
How about free digital copies to all subscribers that we can read on our iPads, iPhones and Kindles? We've all paid for them once already and we're paying for an annual membership to the site, how about providing us with copies that we can keep?
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