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'Mr. Social Whirlwind'

11 December 2010
'Mr. Social Whirlwind'
Sydney.  Day off.

We arrived here from Brisbane quite late in the day yesterday.  Coming in from the airport it was a relief to be out of the Queensland humidity, but we were taken aback by the volume of traffic (mostly stationary), jammed around our hotel.   We were informed that this is €œBlack Friday€, a city-wide evening of office Christmas parties, most of which seem to centre on bars in and around The Rocks and Circular Quay.  I€™d planned to walk out and find a bite to eat, but it was terrifying out there.  More drunks in santa hats and angel wings I have not seem in a very long time.

On a more sedate note, this afternoon I decided it was time for an art-injection, so attended a friend€™s show opening at Danks St.  This is a warehouse space that houses many different galleries, most of which were hosting openings today.  It was fun and good to see the new work from a wide range of artists.  We retired to the rather splendid Eathouse Diner thereafter (€œtable for fourteen, please€) and watched the sun go down.

From here I went on to a club in Bondi beach where a crew party was being hosted (call me Mr. Social Whirlwind).  I took the opportunity of a brief stroll along the beach at dusk before heading up onto the parade to find the nightclub.  The streets were packed with people, and given the state of many of them, it seemed that Black Friday was segueing smoothly into Blacker Saturday.  I guess it€™s just the quantity of people that€™s so overwhelming €“ it€™s the same in London€™s West End, Barcelona€™s Olympic Port and countless other places that have become Meccas for Hen Nights, Stag do€™s, Christmas parties, etc.  I have to say it€™s not an atmosphere that I enjoy being around.

Our crew event was in a very nice little bar, with commendably eccentric décor, just off the main drag.  This provided a welcome escape from the madness outside and it was great fun to have an off-duty night with our tour personnel.  Some of the Muse & Jay-Z teams joined us too, as there€™s a lot of paths crossing in Sydney this week (there have been confirmed sightings of Blondie and The Pretenders in our hotel, but am yet to see them myself €“ we live in hope).

I didn€™t stay overly late as I had yet another function to swing by on the way back to the hotel.  Some friends had invited me to €œour gay dentist€™s 50th birthday bash.€  How could you not?

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18 December, 2010
Ok Mr. Social Whirlwind
I take note. This facet of yours is fun and good. I like it!!
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