New York post-show. Radiohead Showcase.

New York post-show. Radiohead showcase. Radiohead play Irving Plaza brilliantly with a guest list worth framing, followed by a dodgy party hosted by an official "Rock Chick".

Summer arrived in New York today, with 85 degree heat & sunshine, which always improves the mood. Tonight Radiohead played their showcase gig at Irving Plaza, a small theatre gig downtown. Their single is out and their new album "OK Computer" is on the verge of release and they sit poised on the edge of being the Next Big Thing. High pressure gig for them but they really pulled it off. They played a lot of new material, plus plenty of what are fast becoming their classics - progressive rock! Who'd have thought it! And always "Fake Plastic Trees" to bring the house down. They even played "Creep". The place was jammed and the guest list was just stupid. Afterwards, Thom York told me he was going to have the guest list framed and hang it on his toilet wall; Madonna, Michael Jordan, U2, R.E.M., Liam Gallagher, Marilyn Manson +13, etc. They all thought it was hilarious, but its sweet how amazed they still seem to be by their own success. On to someone's 'loft party' in the West Village afterwards. We nearly got killed on the way, as I took a cab with Ed O'Brien who told the driver West 3rd Street, but because of the accent problems, the driver heard it as 103rd St. Vibey though it is, 2am is not the best time for a couple of white English boys to head for Harlem. When we eventually got to the party and it turned out that the loft belonged to this dodgy babe who apparently gives parties professionally. She was giving out business cards citing her occupation as "Rock Chick" (I'm not making this up). It was all, "let's listen to trippy music, smoke dope and sit on bean bags", with strange substances on the draining board and of course yet more rock stars, Fun Loving Criminals, Radiohead & Damon Albarn hanging out the kitchen window. Really mad stuff. Felt like I'd been transported to the mid 70's. U2 never showed up, mind you...

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