'News From Home'

05 December 2010
'News From Home'
Sydney.  Day off.

As predicted this was a day where I tucked up and hid for the duration.  Slept in, took a gentle start to the day.  On the road, even with a comparatively leisurely schedule like this one, a man can quickly acquire a mountainous backlog of correspondence and extra-curricular items that are too easy to put off.

My primary goal (aside from a spot of laundry) was to make a dent on my in tray, currently piled high with virtual correspondence.  It was a pleasantly low-key activity, kettle on, BBC iPlayer burbling away.  It felt strange to hear news from home where all is snow drifts, cancelled trains and fuel shortages.  It€™s quite difficult to comprehend that it€™s actually taking place.   One rather disturbing piece of news was that there€™s a female MP trying to rally support to have the UK move into the European time zone.  She€™s claiming that this will save energy and improve the way of life of the nation, but it would also be the death of having any kind of production at summer concerts.  As it is, by the end of July it doesn€™t get dark until 11pm in much of the country, so with the proposed time change that would be midnight.  Not to mention that in Scotland, during the winter, it wouldn€™t get light until about 10 in the morning.  Methinks this is a very South-of-England-centric proposal.

Around 6pm I got a call from a local friend insisting that I leave my room at some point today and that right now might be the perfect moment.  I conceded that he had a point and together we headed to Sailor€™s Thai in Potts Point.  We ate and took a short walk around the neighbourhood afterwards.  It€™s a very nice spot, the gentrified end of the once grim King€™s Cross, and the architecture is very typical of Sydney with its Victorian terraced houses and iron balcony railings.  For the first time since my arrival I felt like I was really here.  I would shortly have to go back and face the casino with its blaring gambling machines & its lobby ATMs showing gambling addiction helpline information on the screen, but at least for a little while I felt like I was really in Sydney.

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08 December, 2010
Come to Saskatchewan
where the time never changes!!! Has something to do with milking cows a hundred years ago, but whatever, I always know what time it is here!
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