U2360° TOUR Leg 3: 2011



27 November 2010
Travel day.  Auckland to Melbourne.

There were a lot of tired soldiers outside the crew hotel this morning when I rolled up to join them on their charter flight to Melbourne.  The band members have gone straight to Sydney but I€™ve decided to go off-piste again, as Melbourne is one of my favourite cities on earth (and besides, there€™s plenty of Sydney coming up).

The crew loaded out from Mount Smart stadium last night then a selection of them had to do a €˜cross-load€™ at the airport, where all the gear gets put on to air-freight palates.  Under normal circumstances, the cost of air-freighting this much gear would be prohibitive, but U2 were not prepared to miss out on playing New Zealand on this tour.  There€™s a duplicate set of steel which has already gone to Australia by sea, but all the gear that there€™s only one of (the stage, screen, lighting, sound, pylon, backline, etc.) has had to come with us today.  At the airport, as we gathered at the gate pre-flight, we could see our gear being loaded onto a cargo plane, far out on the runway.  Good god there€™s a lot of it.

Team Jay-Z joined us on the charter, but it was a very quiet flight, most people being unconscious for the duration.  On arrival, after hotel check in, I went straight to Mario€™s on Brunswick Street for breakfast (it being around 4.30pm).  Took a nap, met a friend, headed out to do Melbourne things.  The Toff, Mario€™s (again), Fitzroy bars, ran into some roadies€¦ love it here.

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04 December, 2010
Liveable city
Glad to hear you name dropping Mario's, Willie. I wonder where else you and the crew managed to get to for your stay in our quaint city?
03 December, 2010
Thanks Willie
Melbourne is awesome, although our 4 seasons in one day could have been better for the tour. 360 was the best ever! God Bless
03 December, 2010
Thanks Willie
Melbourne is awesome, although our 4 seasons in one day could have been better for the tour. 360 was the best ever! God Bless
brendan roberts
03 December, 2010
best job in the world
The title says it all my friend, loving these little insights into your life on the road with U2. keep them coming
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