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'Old Footage'

25 September 2010
'Old Footage'
Nice.  Day off.

I€™ve been mulling over an idea for the past week or so, following a conversation with the singer about the notion of using some old U2 footage in the show.  It€™s hardly a unique thought and if done clumsily can be toe-curling, but we still felt like it was worth exploring.  I have a hard drive full of random U2 footage which I remembered includes a clip of the four of them goofing around driving a Trabant car in the forecourt of the Olympic stadium.

I must have been thinking about it in my sleep, or I dreamed it, but I woke up realising that if carefully put together, this footage might have the potential to reinterpret the song One as being in part about the band themselves. One is a tricky song to work with.  Much as it might come over as being the ideal wedding or funeral song, in truth much of the lyric is so harsh that in the wrong context it€™s borderline bleak.

Smasher came up to the IKEA penthouse and set up the edit suite.  We then settled in to an afternoon€™s editing, cutting up the footage and experimenting with placing it in the song.  It took a while to make it work but I felt like it was promising so we kept at it and by nightfall we had an edit that I was very pleased with.  I€™ll show it to the band tomorrow and then, in keeping with the current spirit of reckless abandon, perhaps even put it in the show blind tomorrow night.

By this time we were practically cross-eyed and in need of a constitutional so hiked down the Promenade des Anglais to the American bar at the Negressco.  A couple of cocktails later we continued on towards the old town and found ourselves a table at Terre de Truffe, a small establishment specialising in truffles.  We took €˜set menu B€™ and were served a series of wonderful dishes all involving truffles in some way or other; soup, fish, carre d€™agneau, cheeses and even apple pie with truffle honey.  The meal was lengthy, pricey, extremely rich and we loved every minute of it, before attempting to walk some of it off on the 3km hike back to the IKEA inn.

Now in a sea-air and truffle stupor, I tucked up with Zero History the new William Gibson novel.  It€™s funny, he used to be a science fiction writer but the wired world he envisioned thirty years ago has now largely become reality, so it seems now like he€™s writing about the present, or some version thereof.  This one is set in London, and a very recognisible London, too.  I like his work so am looking forward to this one.

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02 November, 2010
Willie rocks
I have never understood why someone would want to have One as a 'the' song for a wedding or funeral. I so agree with you Willie, a little on the harsh side. Hmmmm, now as a song for the band, hmmmmm, intriguing concept. I would really like to experience this when you play Montreal. btw I have always been curious about truffles, would love to have a taste one day.
07 October, 2010
I loved it
These images are so powerful... When I saw them in Seville I remembered when I was about twelve and I saw the same footage on TV and I thought that this one was the best band of the world!! They were fighting to find his place and they continue doing it. Though then, my perspective of all that was a bit different... I didn't expect this footage the other day. So many years after and I looked ahead and saw them playing onstage just in front of me. It was very strong. I loved it!!
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