Oprah In Town

12 December 2010
Oprah In Town
Sydney.  Day off.

Had a night of dreams so completely mad that it was actually something of a relief to wake up.  My nocturnal life has proven greatly productive over the years, but sometimes a man just wants a night off.
It€™s Sunday so I€™d arranged to meet friends for lunch at the extraordinarily situated Aqua Dining restaurant.  It sits below the Harbour Bridge, to one side overlooking an outdoor swimming pool and to the other overlooking the Luna Park fun fair.  Swimmers to the left, Ferris wheels to the right.  It was another glorious day, which allowed me to feel less guilty about my being able to enjoy some top nosebag whilst the U2360 crew was loading in - some no doubt a little the worse for wear after last night.

Managed to lie low for much of the rest of the day, though did take a sizeable sunset hike through the park and back again.  I ended up spending the evening in my room as I have a ton of email to catch up with and a few other chores to get done before what will no doubt be a somewhat crazed Sydney opening night tomorrow.  I have a view of the Opera House from my room and I could see the set up and preparation going on for Oprah Winfrey€™s show, to be broadcast from out on the forecourt.  Video screens being tested and lights being focussed €“ all very familiar activities to my eyes, I have to say.

Oprah arrived in Sydney a couple of days ago with 300 members of her audience, all of whom are, apparently, coming to the U2 show tomorrow.  Her presence here is a massive local news event, to the point of being slightly surreal.  In a cab today, the radio was giving a blow-by-blow commentary of her trip up to the top of the Harbour Bridge.  I€™m not sure whether this was in any way related to a firework display that went off by the Opera House later on tonight but if so, I am in her debt.  I love a good firework display and that€™s one thing that the Aussies do particularly well.

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19 December, 2010
Love reading..
... your diary notes Willie. You semed to have the Aussie Leg all worked out with the places to see and eat. The Scarlet addition is genius and the 360 stage just blows my mind. Well done. You have the best job. I looking forward to more of your diary entries.
17 December, 2010
Good God Man!
I wasn't sure where you were going with your productive nocturnal life ... EASY as you type EASY!!! There are women and children reading this blog! :)
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