'Ordinary Love' Lyric Video

21 November 2013
'Ordinary Love' Lyric Video
The band have written a new song, Ordinary Love, for the movie 'Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom' and it's released on 10-inch vinyl to mark Record Store Day next Friday, November 29th. (UK release, Monday December 2nd - Ireland release, Friday November 29th - participating stores here)

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cinbad - 11 December, 2013
Yay! Not ordinary at all!
:) Loven the catchy chorus ...! Always a fan. See you in Sydney U2!!
bunnywaller - 01 December, 2013
Is that Larry in the video?
Are those the gorgeous arms of Larry Mullen Jr in the video? I really need to know...
zooropalg - 01 December, 2013
- 29 November, 2013
Ordinary Love
This song has echoes of " Electrical Storm". Hope the new album is a blend of Achtung Baby and All That You Can't Leave Behind.
TurTur - 26 November, 2013
we're stealing it back
Sounds like: Coldplay has stolen our sound, now we're stealing it back. But I like it.
bossescort - 25 November, 2013
Ordinary Love
excellent tune there back good to hear them again carn't wait to hear the new album this is vintage u2 at its best well done lads
krasiva - 24 November, 2013
Ordinary love
it i a great song very bice
mimmovox - 24 November, 2013
More than ordinary
Great tune! They are back. As first impression, it remnded mesomehow to " electrical storm". Generally It leaves a sense of positiviness and hope that is "no ordinary" on these days. A great art-work for the video.
matthewood - 23 November, 2013
Great to hear the boys again. Strong as ever. Moar!
harri - 23 November, 2013
Ordinary Love.
WOW. Need more please.
leonard - 23 November, 2013
ordinary love
fantastic song,good
Stroke1970 - 23 November, 2013
Beautiful Song!
What a retourn! Great song, can't wait to see you live!
- 23 November, 2013
This song is absolutely amazing! So powerfull!!! I hope it'll be included in the new album! Great, great and great, is all that I can say.
martinus34 - 23 November, 2013
This new song is so marvellous !!!!! A new album soon, I wait that one with impatience and hope !!! :)
jimakos - 23 November, 2013
Ευχαριστούμε για το καταπληκτικό τραγούδι !!! (Thanks for the great song!)
LiveInTheLight - 22 November, 2013
Powerful message
Beautiful vocals and message penned poetically by Bono. Bono delivers full emotional range when he stretches his voice into his upper register in falsetto. Interesting vocal mix. I will track this record down on record store day.
FlyonWall - 22 November, 2013
Nothing is better than Bono singing unplugged . First few minutes of song are great I am not a fan of the the second half where there is a chorus involved would rather have it rock out with solo from Larry or edge to me that would have made this song monumental. I love these guys though they are indispensable band I can't wait until 2014!
jfardim - 22 November, 2013
I'm crazy about this song! I love you!!!
- 22 November, 2013
Surpreendente, como sempre!!
Música linda, melodia inebriante, vídeo emocionante! This is U2
surfcity - 22 November, 2013
love the new song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can't wait for the show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Panthera - 22 November, 2013
U2 - Ordinary Love
U2 is back!! ... I always get a nice smile on my face when I listen to U2 ... Great memories ...
Qba - 22 November, 2013
Dziekooje :)
A very catchy tune you did. Thank you guys. I'm still waiting for the full LP though! :)
hawkerstone - 22 November, 2013
Nice tune
Song is quite catchy, instinctively U2, video looks like its taken a lot of inspiration from recent Coldplay videos.
czibzol - 22 November, 2013
Ordinary love from Hungary
Hello Everyone. I am in Denmark at this time when I've heard the full version of that song. i am very glad and I love this song. thanks guys! We are waiting for the new album in 2014!
diogenes1202 - 22 November, 2013
Como sempre U2 , a melhor
saigah - 22 November, 2013
Increïble cançó!!!!! Gràcies U2 per estar sempre aquí!
liviaalba98 - 22 November, 2013
beautiful song!!!!
dizzel - 22 November, 2013
Great Song!!!
Can't wait for the full length album!
soley23 - 22 November, 2013
for the best
i love the song, I hope soon to visit Colombia... I love you bono
kmtmsg - 22 November, 2013
Amazing Ordinary Love
Thank you for always making beautiful music and sharing it with the world
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