'Out Of Control' to 'Invisible'

20 August 2014
'Out Of Control' to 'Invisible'
'The greatest thing about musicians is their ability to reinvent themselves. It's a new sound but at the same time it's still the U2. We've seen it happening before and we know it's not easy.'

São Paulo based music journalist Fernanda Bottini, is well known to many fans as a longtime contributor to the boards of's Zootopia and a writer on U2 fansites.  She's caught the band on their last two visits to Brazil but would really love to see them in a small arena or club.

Start up the audio-player to listen to the tracks on Fernanda's U2 Playlist as you read about her selections. Post your responses in the comments below.

1. Out of Control
An old song that still sounds fresh and new to me.  I can find the essence of the band that still remains in their music. I love Larry and Edge's intro. This song is one of my favourites of the early days.

2. Where The Streets Have No Name
My first contact with U2 was with 'The Joshua Tree' album. For me that's the best U2 song, it sums up the U2 music. Besides, it's always a very special moment of the show. It was amazing to be among fans singing it and waving green and yellow balloons in the hands during 360° tour in São Paulo.

3. One
Sad and deep but lyrically beautiful. It's almost impossible not to be touched by this song. I guess 'One' should be in the list of the best songs of all time. Don't you agree? Moreover I love the single with the versions of 'Satellite of Love' and 'Night and Day'.'

4. Even Better Than The Real Thing
I can remember talking to my 4th grade teacher about it. We were delighted with the technology of the video and band's new look, attitude and sound. By the way, my favourite version is the remix from B-Side of 'The Best of 1990-2000'.

5. Miss Sarajevo
I'm of Italian descent so opera sounds familiar to me. I love that my favourite band could do a song featuring Luciano Pavarotti. My dad is a big fan and he could be with me in two shows in São Paulo (one of Vertigo and one of 360°) which U2 played 'Miss Sarajevo'. It was wonderful to share this moment with my family, Bono is an excellent singer.

6. City of Blinding Lights
I like the way Edge, Adam and Larry start playing it. And then when you realize the all stadium is full of lights, it gets so beautiful. In São Paulo, during the Vertigo tour, Bono suddenly appeared wearing a jacket with Brazil's flag on it. I couldn't hold my tears.

7. Beautiful Day
'All That You Can't Leave Behind' is in my top 3 albums. It was released in an important moment of my life. It seems they knew what I was feeling, what I needed to hear at that time. The lyrics are very meaningful to me. And this song is the lead of all of them.
'What you don't have you don't need it now...
After the flood all the colours came out...'

8. Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me
Who doesn't love The Fly and MacPhisto? I think it's one of the highlights of Bono's career as a performer and rockstar. The song is very heavy with remarkable guitar and drums. It works very fine live.

9. Walk On
They shot a video in Rio de Janeiro. That's a good reason because it shows they were happy and feeling comfortable here in Brazil. However it's not only that. I grew up listening to U2 and it was great to have their music to be in touch with important personalities of the world, just like Aung San Suu Kyi. And the list goes on: Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela... I truly believe music has also a social power.
'Love is not the easy thing / The only baggage you can bring / Is all that you can't leave behind'

10. '40'
I've had a religious education so for me '40' is not only a song but a prayer. I love the way U2 perform it to close the shows. One by one they leave the stage and Larry stays alone there... you know, it sounds fair,  after all that's the Larry Mullen Band. Just a beautiful and sweet way to say, 'goodbye, see you next time.'

11. Angel of Harlem
Despite all criticism about 'Rattle and Hum', it's my favourite film. I still have my VHS. This song is a beautiful tribute to American music and culture. You can't deny its influence. I'm Elvis and Beatles fan since childhood - my parents' legacy - so I love the fact that this song was recorded at Sun Studios, such an historical place, with that classic scene of Larry's foot.

12. Invisible
Wait, I'll explain. At the first quick listening, I didn't like much of the song (the drum machine scared me a little bit) but then I listened it again and I've enjoyed it. The greatest thing about musicians is their ability to reinvent themselves. It shows how great musicians they are. It's a new sound but at the same time it's still the U2. We've seen it happening before and we know it's not easy. That's why U2 are the biggest band in the world, in my humble opinion. I can't wait to sing: 'There is no them, there's only us'.

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dockingpilot - 05 September, 2014
U2 reinventing again and again
The worlds best band is the heart and soul of love peace and hope. Lads keep going, It's hard being away on tour but you are a shinning positive for everyone on this planet. You bring out the positive in our have made a difference in us all. Love peace community. You guys made that happen, together we can be one.please stay together and well stick together. Your most loving fan in Philly Pa Joe bethel ( dockingpilot) thanks for time.
Nigel Glass - 05 September, 2014
great choice
mannnn its been a while listening to these tunes. Lovin it :-)
utwothefly - 04 September, 2014
Nice pics... I like the remix version also, the fish out of water/360 was great on the last tour. Its one song i hope they keep for the next tour.
D Mc Namara - 01 September, 2014
Great choices
Love that you included Miss Sarajevo!
NanyandGonzo - 31 August, 2014
A lot in common--the Greatest!
Wow, what a splendid list. It seems as if someone had read my mind. All that you can leave behind is one of the best in my life too. Beautiful Day is a song no one and nothing can beat. Out of Control brings me too out of control, just simply by listening to the first seconds. Invisible sounds too much them, too much the now. Angel of Harlem was one of my recent discoveries--don't get me wrong, it just went straight to my heart one day and pam!--Hold me... one of the best, I learned to love it when they came to Mexico in 360 degrees and went ballistic listening to it. City of Blinding Lights, not only a city but a life can be described with it. You've said it.. they're the greatest...there's no other word for them.
SagePearl - 26 August, 2014
I know...
I know for myself, I am going to buy the "Invisible" T-Shirt from the website's shop.
sbrownell - 25 August, 2014
Every playlist is good
While I do not personally agree with the playlist I do feel that every playlist is good when you have U2.
robinwillams2008 - 24 August, 2014
I will follow - invisible
love invisible
seco - 24 August, 2014
Great choice
Beto_Nassar - 23 August, 2014
Grande Nandinha
Dear Fernanda, well done! Great setlist. U2 songs are my life's soundtrack. The first song I've heard was Sunday Bloody Sunday. After that I heard I Will Follow and became a fan. Streets is my favorite song and it will be forever. But it is really impossible not have a trip inside all songs. Muito legal mesmo!!!
mich40 - 21 August, 2014
Great Choices
Love this! Glad to see some fans featured in this series of articles. Great list, Fe!
tan_lejos_tan_cerca - 21 August, 2014
Very uplifting
I loved your playlist and reading the way the songs are meaningful to you! I agree, It's incredible how many times they reinvented themselves without losing their essence. And I also believe in the power of music :)
joshthetree - 21 August, 2014
Good List
I like your list good choice of tunes
bundavica - 21 August, 2014
Very similar to me....
One is definitely best Song of all Time besides WoW..... :)
electricco - 21 August, 2014
WALK ON .... can't say where it is but I
It is so hard to pick just 12 songs ... anyway the Walk On video is Unforgettable ...
nicoverhelle - 21 August, 2014
Similar fan
Hey, i'm also an Elvis-and Beatlesfan. Many of your choices would also be mine! Am I Italian??? :)
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