Elevation Leg 1: 2001, North America



30 November 2010
Melbourne.  Load in day.

It€™s a load-in day today and I had some things to do, so wandered down to the stadium in the early afternoon.  The physical nature of this building is pretty great but it seems that the management infrastructure was not entirely conducive to a smooth, efficient load-in, so there was a certain amount of grumpiness in the air.  All was achieved though, and I was able to get a little time with the stage before dinner.

I had an idea for the very end of the show, to play over the Rocket Man, the out-tro music.  We have a hard drive full of footage from the shoots we did on board the International Space Station, to make the video sequence for In a Little While.  Only the commander, Frank de Winne, appears in the show, but there were six astronauts up there at the time and we have some great clips of them goofing around.  They are really fun & it seemed a great shame that no-one would ever see them, so I€™ve put an €˜out-takes€™ piece together that has turned out to be really charming.  We€™ll debut it tomorrow if it€™s ready, if not night two, for sure.

By nightfall I ran away to play and met some friends at Kelvin€™s on High St., Northcote.  It€™s a low-key lounge-bar of a style pretty much unique to Melbourne, very comfortable, decked out in mid-century thrift store chic, with a huge bar & serving nice foody bits until late.  It€™s the kind of place that Melbourne does so well and so effortlessly €“ not self-consciously cool, not trying too hard, just easy and extremely pleasant.  Very few other cities in the world have got this kind of place €“ Toronto, maybe €“ but it€™s the life-blood of Melbourne culture and something that really resonates with me.

It€™s a school night so we didn€™t stay too late, but I€™m sure I€™ll be back for more before we leave this town.

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06 December, 2010
So happy
That U2 is extending the tour with more and more dates since that means I can keep on reading new diary entries of Willie. The senior moment one left a big grin on my face. Couldn't leave a comment on that one so I leave it on the day before! Who cares anyway.
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