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'Party House'

09 February 2011
'Party House'
Johannesburg. Arrival.

We were a little late arriving at Johannesburg airport but given that the rest of the day was free, it was no great inconvenience. We sailed through immigration and customs, with a few more 360 personnel reunions at baggage claim en route. From there into various vehicles and off to check into the Hotel Fabulous.

This one really is Fabulous, comprising a main hotel and three large "villas". The villas sit in their own grounds complete with lounges, bar, deck, swimming pool, and a small army of staff. I'm in the smallest of the three ('Villa 1') with four or five other tour members and to our great delight we soon realised that all the 'grown ups' are staying elsewhere.

We pretty much spent the whole of the rest of the day in the pool. There was muzak playing throughout the complex but it didn't take Dec long to find the source and substitute one of his own music mixes. Food & drinks kept coming and those of us who had come from a cold climate couldn't help feeling the tiniest twinge of ecstatic smugness at being plucked out of winter. It's a little overcast today but it's warm and very pleasant indeed.

Needless to say that by nightfall it had all got horribly out of hand. We discovered that the (full) wine and champagne glasses float in the pool, as did the trays of candles. We were soon holding candle-lit slalom races around floating cocktails but happily the house staff seemed amused rather than concerned. 'Villa 1' will clearly be the party house and I am sure we won't be able to keep it secret for too much longer...

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24 February, 2011
candle-lit slalom races around floating cocktails ? hahahahaha, you're killing me!! LOL
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