POPMART Leg 1: 1997, North America


Perth pre-show. Journey's end.

Tonight was the tour girls night out. There are 22 women on the PopMart tour, making up about 15% of the staff. (On this leg, the equipment is doing a lot of journeys by air, or using local ground transportation, reducing the number of tour crew from 250 to 150, now that we aren't carrying our own truck and bus drivers). There are four female management staff, one tour accountant, seven caterers, two wardrobe 'mistresses', two press coordinators, one tour production assistant, one record company rep, one promoter production rep, the video director, her assistant director and one lighting technician. They come from six countries and make up about as diverse a group of people as you could ever hope to meet. They are all, however, undeniably female and decided that after a year on the road it was high time for a girl's night out. The boys, they said, could join them after midnight at an Irish bar round the corner. Needless to say it was a scene of complete carnage, having dispensed with the lightweight males these women of rock got down to some serious partying. The boys did eventually arrive to join in (even Bono, who had somehow managed to dodge the encampment of several hundred fans outside the hotel) and so the joy was shared with the rest of the tour. You don't mess with these rock chicks after a few drinks, I'll tell you that much...

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