Elevation Leg 1: 2001, North America


Philadelphia Wachovia Center I

14 May 2005
Philadelphia Wachovia Center I
Flew to Philadelphia on Vertigo Air, beginning with a baggage call at 7.45am which I feel compelled to point out is an extremely un-rock & roll time of day to be doing anything, let alone air travel.

It was a gorgeous day, so later in the afternoon some of the touring party took advantage of a tailgate party in the parking lot outside. I, on the other hand, took advantage of sitting in a meeting in the dressing room watching some of the early footage from the various shoots we have done over the past couple of weeks. Its looking good and well get to see more of it over the coming days.

Its always a little disorientating doing a runner-in-runner-out, as I never really feel like I have made contact with the ground. Good gig though and immediately afterwards Air Vertigo took us to LaGuardia and from there we made our way into Manhattan. En route I got a phonecall from Bruce and Smasher who were laughing - asking if they should bring my laptop to New York or whether they should leave it in Philly for me to pick up when we come back next week. Sarcky buggers. I had, rather embarrassingly and highly out of character for me the uber-Virgo, left my powerbook at the mix position when doing the runner. Ah well, I guess Ill pick it up tomorrow.

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