Vertigo Leg 2: 2005, Europe


'Probably On Tour With U2'

16 August 2010
'Probably On Tour With U2'
Horsens. Show day.

I woke up with something of a start, and without a clue where I was.  Pulling back the curtains didn't seem to provide a great deal more information as I appeared to be in some kind of yachting marina which, I confess, was not at all what I'd expected.  Seeing Family Evans wandering by and checking out the boats was a solid clue that I was probably on tour with U2, so I managed to piece the rest of it together from there.

Breakfast and back to the venue where it was setting in to be a truly miserable grey day.  The band had some new bits and pieces that they wanted to try out, so had arranged a soundcheck.  I, in turn, needed to get my ducks in a row before they got here so headed in at a reasonable hour.

When it came to it, the drizzle turned to rain, which stole much of our soundcheck time.  U2 will happily play a show in the rain if it comes to it, but standing on stage to rehearse in a monsoon is generally considered above and beyond the call of duty.  It did ease off and we got a little bit of work done but it was frustrating to lose the time on stage.

It was another good show even though the crowd was a little 'Monday night' to begin with.  By the end of the show though, their response was amazing.  Prior to Moment of Surrender, Bono eventually gave up trying to thank the crowd as he was being drowned out by their still singing With or Without You.  Very nice.  Oh, and Ultraviolet made it€™s 2010 debut, which is still a source of pure joy.

It was a long flight 'home' to Nice, some of which I spent talking to the band about when we can rehearse things.  Opportunities to get time on stage are now few and far between and won't get any more plentiful, so we are going to have to be smart about how best to find ways of introducing new material and new ideas.  We're going to meet up in Nice on Wednesday to go through the show and see where we want to take it next.  A U2 show is never really 'finished'.  I'm sure if we toured til the end of the century we'd still be finding new things to put in, take out, tweak, update...


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01 September, 2010
Eurotrash: Global village
I'm diggin your stories all again Willie. I just love the moments of serendipity scattered through out the chaso of the tour. It feels more like a moving circus than a rock show (though I am sure that you would say that is an apt analogy); what with the Dec and Smaseher, Family Evans and 'Joe O' populating this grand stage play. Looking forward to your tour down under in Melbourne during our early summer and only hope that you wander our late Victorian/early Edwardian laneways to find your self some tight coffee and a bite to eat.
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