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Projector Test in Berlin

03 November 2009
Projector Test in Berlin
Tuesday 3rd November 2009. London - Berlin

I've been in a coma since getting back from New York but made it up and out today to get to Berlin. I didn't really have to fly until tomorrow morning but I'm so messed up with jet lag that I seem to be sleeping from about 4am till noon each night, so an evening flight was suited to my body clock. The journey was commendably uneventful, though I did get to Heathrow with plenty of time to spare so had dinner at Gordon Ramsey. It was a bit of a revelation to have a really great meal at an airport - I seem to remember an Italian airport (possibly Milan) which has a really good restaurant but other than that you know the general level of fare. We've become accustomed to airports serving only fast food (especially in the U.S., god help us) but there's no rational reason for it. Practically every airport in the world is rammed with stores selling exclusive luxury label brands (though how something can be 'exclusive' and ubiquitous remains a mystery to me) so there's clearly some money being spent. Logic would seem to suggest that if there's a sufficiently affluent customer base keeping Chanel and Prada in business, then it's likely that an airport could probably also shift a decent bit of nosebag if offered.

Anyway, Gordon Ramsey came through for us (and was not cheap, let me tell you) so we rolled onto the aeroplane feeling pleasantly stuffed and snoozed all the way to Berlin. My promised airport pick-up failed to materialise but fortunately I had a pocketful of Euros so jumped a cab to the Hotel Fabulous. This particular Hotel Fabulous is one of my favourites and in this instance has the enormous bonus of facing the Brandenburg Gate, which is where U2 are to play on Thursday.

The big idea for the U2 performance is for them to play on a little stage in front of the Gate, whilst projected images transform the Gate into a huge art backdrop. It was quite late and very cold by the time I got into my room, which commanded an impressive view of the Gate. I could see that there was a projector test going on and it seemed to be going OK. The mock up of the graphics was very promising and it was a rare delight for me to be able to monitor the technicians' progress in the freezing square whilst tucked up in a bathrobe enjoying a hot chocolate in my hotel room. Not very rock of me, I appreciate, but ever so cosy.

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15 November, 2009
Your standrads are clearly slipping Willie when you can afford such luxury while working. Life on the road hey? And I thought it was all so ahrd . . . up until Vancouver I had nothing but sympathy for you. I'm making my self a cup of tea now . . .
15 November, 2009
No the same
From the Pop Mart had not seen such incredible images like those planned at One in Berlin, U2 has been visually more powerful band and done this time is the proof that has not lost the touch.
13 November, 2009
Good JOB!!
Good job on the Gate,It looked so good on TV,Just wish i could of been there. Well done Willie. p.s Hope to see One more date for Oakland ,We need two night's ..........
13 November, 2009
Hot Chocolate
Willie, Love hearing from you on the road, and totally agree with you on the Airport Fare, being sub-par, but must say the Hot Chocolate sounds pretty good, over looking the square. Wish I could have made the trip! JPV
clapton is god
13 November, 2009
arrgg airport food
try Gatwick, next time, it is really good ;)
13 November, 2009
Your effects on the Brandenburg Gate were spectacular! Perfect visuals, perfect timing, very moving. Thank you.
13 November, 2009
projector test in Berlin
what a nice picture and visual of the Brandeburg Gate, the concert was great and the scenario an original one. Another detailed diary page
13 November, 2009
Willie and the Brandenburg Gate
... what a nice diary log :-) I would like to share Willies feeling to be able to watch the Gate from an relaxing hotel room! The same happend to me after my last marathon in Berlin (where Haile Gebrselassie run world record!) - you finish a long trip beside the Brandenburg Gate (as Willie did as well as me after 42,195km) and then... RELAX :-) Ahh, yes, and not to forget: The light-show during the U2-set was really fantastic - we should say a big huge THANKS for this!!!
13 November, 2009
Room with a vieW
Sooooo very Rockstar Parking.... to watch from serene afar.... : ) .
13 November, 2009
Willie, your blog is like watching a movie everytime, a roda movie, let me tell you. and i can see every frame of it. love it! your sense of humour is very keen to me. always put a smile on my face. keep the r&r alive, so to speak!
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