'Red Wine and iTunes...'

09 August 2010
'Red Wine and iTunes...'
Nice. Day off.

We had our opening show post-mortem meeting this afternoon and all went pretty well.  It's very interesting to have ten people in a room giving their often wildly differing impressions of the same show.  Generally though the feedback was positive though we know there are things still to work on. We agreed that playing a brand new song in complete darkness was possibly closer to eccentricity than wisdom. We also acknowledged that three brand new songs in one show was perhaps asking a little too much of an audience but it was opening night after all, so maybe we were showing off just a little bit.

There were a lot of very positive things though.  Miss Sarajevo worked well, I liked the new lights in Walk On and the 'questions' segue into End of the World.  We'll look forward to developing the show over the coming months.

A few of us had dinner in Nice then ended up in my hotel room, as I have the best balcony view.  It was still very warm and we had red wine and iTunes, so the rest was easy.

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24 August, 2010
Time for A book eh Willie?
I sure hope I haven't missed it if youve done one already but over the years my wife and I have really enjoyed the diary. It sure would be cool if all of them could be in a book someday. It would be nice to read back and relive for us the shows we went to and what you were up too at the time. Tom and Stacey Michigan
23 August, 2010
Take the risk
Willie, I don't mind. The more new songs the better. U2 used to do this more often during the Boy-War days. Remember "Father Is An Elephant"? Totally out of left field. Thankfully semi-decent recordings of that show still exist. How about "Pete the Chop" from National Stadium Dublin 1980? Became the b-side Treasure during the War sessions. Yeah I like the experimental U2. I'll settle for risk taking new & untried songs if U2 are unable to risk playing other songs that aren't radio hits. Maybe kill the screen for some songs so they aren't slaves to a locked in routine. I'd get tired if I had to sing the same setlist every night. Longtime fan since 1987. First saw them at POPmart Oakland I 1997 but didn't really fire my tour desire til Elevation San Diego 2001-04-17. And thanks for coming to Hawaii in 2006. I waited 19 years to see that. You'll see me next year at Miami til the close of the US tour. Keep the diaries coming.
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