27 May 2011
Winnipeg.  Rehearsal day.

So here’s an odd one. We headed in to the Burton Cummings theatre to set up for rehearsals and I’d been working away quite happily for a while when I got an email from our travel chappie asking if Run Wrake, our animator on Team Content, had checked out of the hotel.  Run was sitting next to me at the time, so I confirmed with him that he was still here and responded.  Hmm, strange, came the reply, the hotel have him as having checked out at 4.40am, signed account, the whole bit.  Suddenly all the hotel ghost stories felt a little creepier, though I couldn’t help but wonder if the phantom checker-outer had paid Run’s bar bill before he left.  Nothing to worry about I’m sure, though if I wake up and find RedRum scrawled on the mirror I might have second thoughts.

We are in this theatre to go over the Glastonbury rehearsals we did a year ago.  Given that we will arrive and leave from Glastonbury at high speed, it seemed like a good idea to put aside a couple of days to regroup and focus on the festival.  Much has happened in the past year so we didn’t necessarily just want to re-run the 2010 plan and it’s impossible to think about these things in the rush of doing regular shows.

The theatre is old and quaint, a little run down and brings back memories of Somerville, Massachusetts where we shot a short live film just before the start of the 360 tour, when we were all two years younger than we are now.  The requisite documentary crew is also with us here, so there’s probably more equipment jammed into this little place than it has had in its entire lifetime.

The band came in and we began with a lengthy debate as to the merits of the various set list ideas.  We did have a solid plan for last year but time moves on and songs have a life of their own so it seemed wiser to start from scratch.  We talked, they played, we talked some more and the evening wore on.  I was a little surprised as I know they’ve had an extremely busy week and figured that they might knock off early tonight.  It turns out that Bono’s watch is still on L.A. time meaning that U2 is operating two hours behind the rest of Manitoba and right here and now, it’s way past bed time.  What time is it in the world?

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04 June, 2011
Glastonbury Setlist
Bad in the set maybe Willie to make it a bit special?
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