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Remember 'The Hangover'?

13 September 2009
Remember 'The Hangover'?
Sunday 13th September 2009. Chicago. Show 2.

Oh dear. Remember what I was saying about the movie 'The Hangover'? Well, there wasn't a tiger in my bathroom when I staggered up around noon feeling like death, but I almost had a heart attack going into the bathroom and seeing a severed leg lying on the floor.

The only thing more staggering than finding an amputated limb in my room was realising that when I'd got back at 6am, it appears I had packed my suitcase. I thought we were staying in Chicago until Wednesday but apparently the plan changed and I only found out yesterday lunchtime that we were leaving after the show tonight. I don't have any recollection of packing but clearly I had. I dread to think what's in there.

I went out in search of either breakfast or a chainsaw to lop my own head off, leaving my big bag just inside my hotel room door and my backpack and comedy severed leg way inside the room in the far corner by the window. This is our tour procedure for bag pick up when we're flying. The bag inside the door gets picked up and taken to the airport to load onto our 'Air 360' plane, whilst hand luggage and anything we need to keep with us gets left inside the room for us to take ourselves. I got back to the hotel about five minutes before my van-ride to the stadium was due to leave, went up to get my things and found to my horror that the bellman had taken everything from the room, including my backpack containing my laptop, passport, etc. I had this vision of trying to get into Canada without a passport so charged down to reception demanding the head of the bellman.

They managed to find the right guy and mercifully the luggage truck hadn't departed. My little backpack was, however, very convincingly buried underneath dozens of other big, heavy, black bags and cases. Being already so close to death I quailed at the prospect of physical labour but I had no option. Nightmare.

After ten minutes of swearing and throwing luggage around, my backpack was found, the day was saved and I ran back out to find the van. As I was leaping in, ignoring the tutting of my fellow travellers who'd been waiting on me, a smartly-dressed woman from behind the front desk came trotting out onto the sidewalk in her high heels calling 'sir, I think you forgot something'. The sight of this very trim and neatly turned-out woman proffering a blood-caked Walgreens comedy severed leg was the first real smile I'd managed all day.

Tonight, at long last we finally managed to premiere Your Blue Room and it went remarkably well. Clearly, this song is not designed to get the crowd rocking in the grandstands, but it brings a meditative moment to the evening. It's a new mood for this tour in a two hour show there's certainly room for it. Great show all round tonight, so everyone was pleased. We did a runner to the plane and by the time we got on board I was just spent. I'd better not have another night on the tiles for a while. (Famous last words...)

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17 September, 2009
one question what did you use the severed leg for after that, and did you find out who put it in your bathroom to scare the wits from you?
17 September, 2009
You da man
Wiilie, your awesome, what would U2 be like with out you?
All I Want Is You 2
17 September, 2009
"Another Night on the Tiles"
Poor Willie. Hang in there man. You made my morning!~)
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