Reunion with 'Mother Claw'

27 July 2010
Reunion with 'Mother Claw'
I waited for a van in the lobby of the Hotel Fabulous this morning, whilst Prince was having breakfast in the hotel restaurant. No, really €“ the artist formerly known as €œthe artist formerly known as Prince€. Life€™s full of surprises. He must be doing festivals out here or something.

Rode to the stadium with Smasher to begin a day of many reunions €“ not least with Mother Claw herself, sitting proudly out in the field. I almost shed a tear when I caught the first glimpse of it up through a stairway. Good god it€™s a big structure. Not having seen it for a while really does refresh the overwhelming appreciation of the insanity of the project. (We€™re touring THAT?)

There were lots of hellos and welcome backs of course and it€™s really gratifying to see that despite the postponement (and the insanity of touring THAT), almost everyone has come back for round two of the 360 tour. I guess we must be having fun.

My first task was getting on with some sound work with Declan. There are quite a few new elements in the show which require additional audio sequences, all of which need to be made this week. The most ambitious of these is an idea for Trying to Throw Your Arms Around the World, a song from Achtung Baby that hasn€™t seen the light of day since ZooTV. The idea is sort of a cross between €˜Party Girl€™ and the €˜Video Confessional€™. To pull this off is technically proving to be about the most complicated thing we€™ve ever done, so we€™re not going to go public with it right away, in case it goes the way of the much rehearsed but never performed €˜Drowning Man€™. Hopefully once we get the system down, all will fall into place.

The Edge came in, being the sole representative of the orchestra today. He has a lot to go through making sure all his sounds and effects are in shape, so tends to come in a day early to get a jump start on it by himself. He seems in good form, we had a chat about the set list and I left him to it.

We got out of there at about midnight and I had a late beer with Smasher at a nice little local bar called €œBicyclette€. They said they€™d stay open as long as we wanted, but I was ready to go and lie down. I€™ve a lot going on in my head at the moment. I read for a while in bed to unwind and think about something else for a moment. I€™m just starting Richard Yates€™ €œRevolutionary Road€ which opens with a story of a drama group who have a good rehearsal followed by a disastrous opening night. Perhaps I should have stayed in €œBicyclette€ after all.

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11 August, 2010
Willie, really hope u can...
pull off your ambitions for trying to throw your arms around the world... that song is my favorite from the album due to its truly funky groove... but we all know that if anyone in the world can put this together, its you.
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