San Jose Arena II

10 April 2005
San Jose Arena II
I got up and checked out immediately without opening the curtains of my vast, weird, empty room. In the end I decided that simply not engaging with my surroundings was the only way to avoid an unpleasant scene. The final story from Hotel Bizzarro came from Joe, who found himself in a room with a (locked) adjoining door to a huge frat-house party., with medical students getting loose and loud.

Spare us. This went on till 5am and apparently no amount of wall banging made any difference. So, with no further fuss, Joe got up at 7am, put the boom box from his room right up to the adjoining door, found a heavy metal station, cranked the volume to 11 and checked out.

I went down to the venue early and worked on the show for the afternoon. It's extremely helpful to get a bit of peace and quiet in the venue to programme new looks, insert new video sequences, etc. It was a killer show. Oddly the second show in San Jose was also the best show on the Elevation tour, so there must be something about this room and this part of the world that lets it all go off.

Being a former San Francisco resident (SF is less than an hour away from here) I had a fairly extensive guest list. Afterwards, we'd agreed to meet up at the Fairmont Hotel in San Jose for a drink. I didn't get there till about an hour after the end of the show and arrived to find the place empty which was strange. I thought the band had done a runner, but it transpired that Edge and Bono were both staying here and that there was a fairly substantial party going on, which explains where my friends had disappeared to.

Everyone was in great humour, of course, and we stayed pretty late. Bono introduced me to Steve Jobs, head of Apple Computer, and Jonathan Ive, the designer responsible for the i-Pod, i-Mac and Powerbook. It was such a treat to meet them - the whole Apple/U2 association has been so smart; both sides feeling that the connection with the other is sufficient reward in itself, so no money changed hands either way. We talked about possible ideas for the future, as I think this association has some mileage in it yet. I was thinking later what must it feel like for Jon Ive, seeing something he designed become so ubiquitous. It's one thing for me to push a button during a show and do something that makes 20,000 people jump up and down, but it must be extraordinary to walk down the street and see your brainchildren on every other corner.

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