U2360° TOUR Leg 3: 2011


Show day: Anaheim - The Pond 2nd night

24 April 2001
Show day: Anaheim - The Pond 2nd night
Its unbelievably hot today, some kind of record apparently. Being unaware of this I trotted out of the hotel this morning to drop off some laundry (can I really have got through this much underwear already?) and within a dozen strides felt like I was being nailed to the sidewalk. Little wonder nobody walks in this town. The drive down to Anaheim from West Hollywood seemed endless and by the time we were nearing the gig, roadside electronic billboards were telling us it was 103 degrees out there.

Alan, one of our tour carpenters, had finished the prototype of this new light fixture I'm making and it looked suitably strange (this is a good thing). I'm being advised that the finished items should be fabricated out of aluminium due to the bursting-into-flames factor, but I quite like the idea of making my own lighting instruments out of wood. Will conduct some more experiments.

My co-designer Mark Fisher came to the show & being the first he's seen since rehearsals, it was good to get his comments on how everything has progressed. Bono thanked him from the stage before "One" and I have seldom seen a man look more astonished and delighted in one moment.

Aftershow was a zoo again, but I did make a concerted effort to conquer my celeb-phobia and had a very nice chat to Elvis Costello, with whom I have rubbed shoulders at U2 shows for years and finally got up the bottle to introduce myself.

Somehow, when no-one was looking, the clocks all leapt forward to 4am, so we all decided it was probably best to head home.

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