U2360° TOUR Leg 3: 2011


Show Day: Antwerp - Sportpaleis, Show Two

06 August 2001
Show Day: Antwerp - Sportpaleis, Show Two
Managed to get down to Walter van Bierendonck's shop first thing this morning, where I found him & Dirk in the midst of preparations for festival events. The shop is as extraordinary as he is and at first glance looks more like an art gallery than a clothes shop. It's a big space containing half a dozen very large sculptural objects - a giant curvy fiberglass yellow thing, half of a gigantic 'chocolate' teddy bear, a wooden shed, etc. - and no clothes. Not a single garment in sight. The viewer/customer has to go around the sculptures or in some cases inside the sculptures where the rails of clothing are hidden away. "Aesthetic Terrorists" is the name of the label, though it seems to be more about fun than fear.

My co-designer Mark Fisher arrived at lunchtime and along with Bruce our lighting director we headed off to visit the Barco company, which is the video manufacturer who built all of the equipment on the Elevation tour. We got to see all the latest and greatest in video projection and also in LED video wall technology. I appreciate to the average reader this must seem like the most mind numbingly dull way to spent an afternoon but honestly it was really quite thrilling.

Another great show followed by Mark, Bruce and I stumbling across the first Flemish Country & Western bar I've ever visited. It was very late by this time and the place was entirely empty, but there was beer and chips so we were perfectly happy, downing absurdly potent beers and talking in raised voices over Tim McGraw, Shania Twain and Dolly Parton.

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