Show Day: Boston - Fleet Center, Show 4

09 June 2001
Show Day: Boston - Fleet Center, Show 4
There seems to be a tradition developing that on the fourth show in any one city it is open season setlist-wise. Tonight's offering was suitably unhinged, including the first public airing of 'Party Girl' since the mid-80's.

The highlight of the evening was an experiment with some new glasses for Bono. Not your ordinary shades, mind you, but a super high-tech pair of specs with a tiny camera built into the bridge of the nose. We've played with something similar on previous tours, but the picture quality has always been crap up to now, not to mention that Bono would have had to wear a large backpack transmitter.

Tonight's new toy had great image clarity so Bono wore them for the first three songs of the show - Elevation, Pride, End of the World (I told you it was a mad setlist night). The result was quite fantastic - fascinating and hilarious at the same time. Bono had them on walking out of the dressing room and as he got within range of the on-stage base station, the fuzzy static on the show video screens began to turn into images - images of exactly what he was seeing. There were corridor walls adorned with sports trophies, nods and smiles from crew members, a sudden very clear image of Larry (much cheering in the house), a chat to Paul McGuinness and then bright lights, a staircase, thousands of cheering people and finally a gigantic hand pulling a gigantic microphone from its stand as 'Elevation' kicked in.

It was so wacky to see the show through Bono's eyes - and, I have to say, also a huge distraction from the rest of the gig, but such a unique experience it was well worth it. The funniest moment was during End of the World, when Bono went forehead-to-forehead with The Edge, producing an image of Edge so bizarrely distorted you'd have thought Salvador Dali was switching the video - a gigantic nose and eye filling half the screen, then a smaller mouth and a tiny body playing micro-guitar squished in below. All live, of course, and all in terrifyingly crisp focus. I'm not sure we'll do it again (its really the wrong tour for that kind of gag) but I'm so glad I got to see it at least once.

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