Show Day, Buenos Aires

02 March 2006
Show Day, Buenos Aires
Having got to bed at 6.30am, I took this morning at a walking pace. There was discussion and post mortem about last nights shoot, with most people involved feeling that it had gone very well. Headed down to the gig to make the necessary preparations for tonights double shoot. We are attempting to do a live TV broadcast to Argentina at the same time as shooting the final part of the 3D film footage. Oh, and playing a gig to 75,000 people. All of this took some negotiation and much compromise all round but we did manage to come up with a plan which was mutually acceptable to all involved - an improvement on what we managed at the Sao Paulo shoot where we ended up with tears before bedtime.

We were blessed with a beautiful night and a great performance, so the footage couldnt be better. I was in the control room again with Allen Branton our TV lighting guru who sat before one pile of video monitors showing what the 3D cameras were seeing, plus another showing what the Argentine live broadcast cameras were seeing. The two versions of the show could not have looked more different, to the point where it was hard to believe that these were two views of the same show, happening outside the window. Most remarkably of all, both looked great. The live TV was an almost entirely local production (with a few of our team strategically placed) but they made some great pictures.

Afterwards we were ready for a drink, having made it through multiple TV and film shoots, eight stadium shows in five countries, rehearsals and the Grammy Awards in slightly over three weeks. It comes at you pretty fast out here.

Back at the hotel, the Mansion was rocking. There was a great mood in the air and the Argentine hospitality was impressive. The party had just reached a very pleasant, manageable level when Diego Maradona walked through the door with his band of merry men, at which point the temperature rose to fever level. He and Bono bonded instantly and everyone lost their marbles temporarily. Speeches were made, songs were sung, drinks were poured, amid much shouting and carrying on. Bono declared Maradona to be the real president of Argentina and presented him to the real president of Ireland, i.e. Joe OHerlihy, who is a huge football fan. Flashbulb madness as the two presidents embraced and more speeches, yelling and madness.

I could see where this was going, so slipped away at about 4am. It was enormous fun, but its been a hell of a few weeks and my duvet was calling.

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