POPMART Leg 3: 1997, North America


Show Day: Chicago - United Center, 4th night

16 May 2001
Show Day: Chicago - United Center, 4th night
"Be careful what you wish for" could be today's motto. A late afternoon discussion as to quite what happened to make the last two shows so vibey saw me presenting to the band the theory outlined in yesterday's diary entry. Being the last show before a week's break and the end of a highly enjoyable week or two in Chicago they decided to shove the set list in a blender. The result was the addition or substitution of six or seven songs from yesterday, and a completely mental set list opening with five tracks from 'Achtung Baby'. Also, 'Still Haven't Found' saw its tour debut, plus a few rarities like 'Wake Up Dead Man' & 'Angel of Harlem'. Production wise, it produced pandemonium amongst the crew, as the entire show had to be redesigned in under an hour, but it's the kind of panic which produces a very positive kind of energy as everyone scrambles to make the required adjustments. The show was pretty whacky, but really fun and I felt so proud of them for being loose enough to just go for it and see what happened. It's not something you'd want to do every day, but we all had a good time doing a 'new' show. I haven't worked that hard in weeks.

Back at the hotel we gathered in the bar for a farewell drink as everyone goes off for a week's break. It's a bit like 'half term' at school & no doubt things will feel quite different when we regroup in Toronto. We're up and running now and have had a fantastic start to this tour, for which a man is extremely grateful. Time to turn the page and see what happens next

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