Show Day: Indianapolis - Conesco Arena

10 May 2001
Show Day: Indianapolis - Conesco Arena
On any tour, the singer's birthday tends to be taken in the same spirit as a public holiday in the civilian world, the event being marked may not have personal resonance for all, but everybody feels a certain levity in the air.

There also seemed to be a good deal of Techno Angst in the air too. After months of perfect behaviour my computer, printer & CD burner all spontaneously developed debilitating eccentricities, Bruce's lighting console took on a whole new personality and Amanda practically took an axe to her laptop due its extreme bad behaviour. Must have been the phase of the moon, but you can waste so much time coaxing and massaging these machines back to life when they're having a hissy fit.

Bono was, to say the least, in a very good mood and wasn't at all shy about sharing it with the good people of Indiana. Many of the audience members clearly knew what day it was and had come decked out with banners, balloons and party hats, so this was clearly going to be a no compromise maximum fun gig. This climaxed during Mysterious Way when Bono pulled a woman out of the crowd and took her for a lap round the stage runway, then he pulled out another woman and another and another. We were laying bets on the loading capacity of the stage as the count reached thirty or more. Thank God they didn't all start jumping up and down in unison.

Back on the plane as we returned to Chicago, all manner of birthday high jinks were underway, but there's some things its wiser not to write down...

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