Show Day: New Jersey - Continental Airlines Arena, Show 1

21 June 2001
Show Day: New Jersey - Continental Airlines Arena, Show 1
Somehow, even on a night off (or perhaps especially on a night off) it never seems possible to get to bed much before dawn. Even when you lock yourself in your hotel room at midnight, you always seem to enter a warped time vortex and before you know where you are the little hand is on four. Consequently,once again, I wasn't exactly up with the lark this morning.

Today's venue is a longstanding favourite of mine. It sits just across the Hudson river from Manhattan, and prior to our planet sacrificing aesthetics to corporate greed it used to be called "Meadowlands". This has been the scene of some great moments of U2 history, including a five night stand on the Joshua Tree tour when U2 first became a city wide event in New York.

It's a bit of a grim commute to get out here from Manhattan, so I came early to avoid the rush. The place is pretty much as I remembered it, though seemssmaller these days, which seems to be a common phenomenon - but then again,anywhere seems small compared to Giants Stadium which is right next door.

Having had a larger than average week, I found myself pretty beat tonight, soran most of the show on my own mental 'autopilot'. The band were in fine form however, so I have confidence that my being slightly less focused than usual didn't detract from the event as a whole.

Got the first van back to the hotel and retired early. Well, earlyish, as there was an outing to a diner which, tired as I was, I somehow just couldn't pass up. Bruce always says that being on tour is like being at a party which you are not allowed to leave. It can't be four o'clock, surely?

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