Show Day: Paris - Bercy, Show One

17 July 2001
Show Day: Paris - Bercy, Show One
Managed to avoid going to work till 3pm which I regarded as a minor triumph. In fact, nobody seemed to be in a tearing hurry to get to the gig, so I can only presume they were out having as much fun as I was (i.e. an extremely long lunch in the glorious faded elegance of Chez Julien, then getting caught in the rain again).

In the end though, the gig turned out to be quite exceptional. Its not that U2 haven't been well received in France over the years, quite the reverse, but France has such a strong and independent music culture of its own that it is by no means guaranteed that 'foreign' bands will receive automatic blanket adulation, no matter haw big they are in other parts of the globe. Plus, of course, Paris audiences, like their counterparts in London or New York have potential be cooler than elsewhere, but that certainly didn't apply tonight. They were hanging from the rafters, to the point where locals were saying they couldn't remember any artist at the Bercy being given such a tumultuous reception. Great vibe and I love the Bercy anyway, because its always really dark in there - it's so unhampered by any ambient light at all, everything I'm doing looks so much more effective.

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