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Show Day: Philadelphia - First Union Center, Show 1

11 June 2001
Show Day: Philadelphia - First Union Center, Show 1
Monday morning arrives and we find ourselves back into the daily grind. Well, kind of. We've spent so long in Boston that moving anywhere, checking out of the hotel and so forth all begins to feel like a terrible imposition. The day was pretty straightforward all the same, flight to Philly and straight to the gig - another brand new building known, attractively, as the F.U. center. It comes as something of a relief to be playing here rather than at the Spectrum which for years was the only arena in town. It was also a notoriously awful place to play, one of the great toilets of rock & roll, outstanding in my memory only because I shook hands with Frank Sinatra in a backstage corridor there. I actually toured with Sinatra in the late 80's (not a lot of people know that) on the latter part of the Rat Pack tour with Sammy Davis Jnr. and Liza Minelli who had replaced Dean Martin by that stage. Frank and I were never close, but there was this one day, at the Spectrum, where he saw me coming along the corridor, waved to me and greeted me like an old friend, pumping my arm warmly. I will go to my grave with unshakeable certainty that he thought I was somebody else. It was a fun tour, in a mad kind of a way - no production, full orchestra, platoons of hairdressers, Sammy Davis Jnr. floating through catering in a smoking jacket and turban - I've never experienced anything remotely like it before or since.

Meanwhile back in 2001, U2 had a good gig at the F.U. centre and we even managed to get back to the hotel for an early night, if 2am is considered early on any other planet.

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