Show day: San Jose - Arena 2nd night

20 April 2001
Show day: San Jose - Arena 2nd night
As the wild grey monsoon ripped through the Bay Area, we headed back down to San Jose in the rush hour traffic. Its so quaint they still call it rush "hour" even though the traffic snarl runs pretty much continuously from 6am till midnight.

Its hard to know what to say about tonight's show, other than that it was one of the great transcendental experiences. We changed the set list, including "Stay" for the first time on this tour and "Kite" for the first time ever, both of which were spectacularly successful. The whole night just flowed and it was all we could do to hang on. Afterwards Bono seriously claimed it was the best show of his entire career and much as we all know that Bono is not generally a man prone to understatement, I have never heard him say anything like that before. He told me it was the happiest he'd ever felt on stage. I was pretty damn happy too, being a home town gig and all (and Bono thanked me from the stage tonight, which was major Brownie points).

What makes a show like tonight so great? Its hard to say, other than that the Eagle had landed, the Force was with us, Elvis was in the building.... The show in Atlanta was the first time we really sparked the fusion on this tour but what's really odd is that practically every show since then has reached that same level of emotional/spiritual intensity. Something very tangible seems to be happening during these shows and its happening on a regular basis. Something "other", something greater than the sum of the parts arrives, creating some communal spirit, some energy feedback vortex, alpha rhythms on speed - I don't know what it is, but we've been whipping it up in shed-fulls. Last night's show was certainly on a par with anything else on the tour so far, but tonight's show just eclipsed it... we were so high. Bono has long said that U2 shows are "drugs without drugs" - but if Zoo & Pop were LSD I think this tour must be Ecstasy. And I'm not coming down.

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