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Show Day, Sao Paulo

20 February 2006
Show Day, Sao Paulo
The bar of soap in my hotel rooms claims it will cleanse and tone my skin whilst helping to sustain amazonian plant life. No, really. It smells quite weird, actually.

It was a tough day to be honest. The show was being broadcast live to an audience of 40 million people by a local TV station and despite having flown in Hamish Hamilton and Carl Glanville to supervise direction and audio, it was very much a local production. The Brazilian TV vision is, shall we say, a good deal more bright and colourful than our usual film noir approach to camera-work, so some conflict was inevitable. Much of this manifested itself during the course of the show itself, so by the time we got to '40' those of us involved technically felt like wed just returned from the trenches. No matter, tis done.

On a lighter note, I would love to reproduce here the list of media who attended the show. It just tickles me, especially after my comment yesterday about this show not going undocumented. Turns out this must be one of the most heavily recorded shows in rock history:

Press:Folha de Sao Paulo Newspaper Folhateen Revista da Folha Guia da Folha Veja Magazine Veja SP poca Magazine Extra Newspaper Estado de Sao Paulo Newspaper Guia do Estado de Sao Paulo O Globo Newspaper JT Newspaper Agora SP Newspaper Di-rio de SP Newspaper Haroldo Ferreti - field Ana (reporter) - field Gazeta mercantil Newspaper JB Newspaper Di-rio Grande Abc Newspaper Isto Gente Magazine Capricho Magazine Reuters Isto Magazine MTV Magazine Bizz Magazine Um Magazine Backstage Magazine Comando Rock Magazine Rock Brigade Magazine Shopping Music Magazine Bravo Magzine Carta Capital Magazine Monet Magazine Intermag Magazine Rock Press Magazine New York Times correspondentRock Underground Magazine Transamerica Magazine VIP Magazine Trip Magazine Glamurama Site MTV Site Terra Folha online Globo on line Uol (website)Portal Abril (website)Estadao.com (website)Ig Pop (website)Ultimo Segundo (website)Associated PressBBC NewsClarinAgencia EFE CBNNova Brasil FMAlpha FMJovem Pan AMEldoradoTransamerica FM89 FMBand News FM

Photographers: Folha de Sao Paulo Newspaper Estado de Sao Paulo Newspaper Globo Newspaper and Di-rio de Sao Paulo Agencia estado (Reuters) Agencia EFE Jornal Tarde Newspaper Agora SP Newspaper Jornal do Brasil Newspaper Di-rio do Grande ABC Newspaper Veja Megazine poca Megazine Bizz Megazine Atrevida Magazine Veja SP Reuters Ig Pop (website) Ultimo segundo (website) Terra website Folha on line (website) Globo online (website)

TV Crews:Fantastico Show (TV Globo show)Altas Horas Show (TV Globo show)Multishow (TV Globos)Globonews (TV Globos)MTV Brasil Metropolis ShowTV Cultura SBT TV Record TV Band TV FOX TV (Cable)

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