Show Day: Stockholm The Globe, Show One

It was clear this morning that I was not decently going to be able to go another day without a shave, so imagine how gutted I was to discover only now that I have left my entire shaving kit at home. I tell you, if I had a brain I'd be dangerous. Consequently I had to brave the crowds of happy consumers to see if I could pick up some more supplies. I found a Body Shop, but they were out of absolutely everything I needed so ended up making do with what I could find in the local corner store. Still, this did have the bonus of expanding my vocabulary slightly in the most delightful way. According to the can I bought, the good people of Denmark call shaving foam "Barberskum", which instantly became my new favourite Danish word (my previous favourite for some years having been "Bog Handel" which means (apparently) 'book shop'.

Shaven and shorn, I joined the rest of the group to face the big excitement today as we tried out our new aeroplane for the first time. The Euro version of "Elevation Air" is a much newer and smarter plane than we had in the USA, so we all felt like Joan Collins for half an hour. (All the same, I did take the precaution of checking that all the seats were firmly screwed to the floor to avoid a repeat performance of March 29th).

The Globe in Stockholm is very much a "real" venue. U2 were just here for the European MTV awards (in October, was it?), so it was easy to feel at home. The technicians had a bit of a wild ride, as there was a heavy lightning storm brewing which was doing all sorts of bizarre things to some of the more sensitive electrical equipment we are using. Nothing disastrous happened, and certainly nothing that affected the show, but only because our team is so on the ball. Amongst the list of eccentric goings on which had to be fixed on the run were three power supplies in the video wall going south, Joe's front of house sounddesk resetting itself in a most alarming manner, one of the PiGi projectors just deciding it wasn't going to play ball at all and a couple of very strange lighting cues (though that might just have been me).

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