Vertigo Leg 3: 2005, North America


Show day, Sydney.

10 November 2006
Show day, Sydney.
Now that the kite gag looks like its here to stay, I need to ensure we have sufficient supply of kites, balloons, gas bottles, etc. (I tell you, if my career in show biz doesnt work out, Ill be all set to tackle childrens parties.) I ran into town to see if I could find ay more of the bird kite which had worked so well in Brisbane, but turns out that BrizKites of Brisbane are the only importers in Australia of that particular kite. Weve only got one left now (there were only two in the shop and given that Bono lets the kite float away at the end of the show, the first one is somewhere over the Great Barrier Reef by now). BrizKites have ordered more for us, but till they get here were going to have to experiment with a couple of different types once the last bird had flown after tonights show.

The Telstra Stadium was built for the 2000 Olympics, so its a big modern building with great sight lines, which makes a huge difference to the vibe of a show. Having got through balloon supplies duty, I spent the rest of the afternoon leaping through all the required remaining hoops to make the gig a glorious thing. The first week or so of a tour being always pretty full on for me.

Come show time, the audience was really up for it and there was a great sense of anticipation, which the band rose to. After a near perfect day, right on cue, as the band approached the stage, it started to rain. I tell you, where theres drought, send for the Irish. However, it only lasted 20 minutes or so and the crowd clearly didnt care. I really enjoyed the show too and theres a sense of getting back on our feet after such a long break.

Back at the hotel in our hospitality area I was surprised to be introduced to Baz Luhrmann. He was very complimentary about the show which I greatly appreciated and by return l was pleased to be able to tell him how much Id enjoyed his La Boheme on Broadway. Went to bed happy to have got through Sydney opening night in one piece.

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