Show Day: Washington D.C. - MCI Center, Show 1

14 June 2001
Show Day: Washington D.C. - MCI Center, Show 1
As we entered day two of the Four Seasons Siege, it became clear that there was going to be no short term solution, so a decision was made to move hotels. Having packed up my belongings I headed into the gig, if only to find somewhere cooler to hang out than in the greenhouse hotel. As it turned out I had a great afternoon in the venue. Im not quite sure why, but sometimes you get these moments of clarity or objectivity. As I walked down the long loading ramp from the sidewalk down into the bowels of the building, I passed all the familiar scenery of day to day touring - trucks, piles of flight cases, sleeping road crew, cardboard boxes of uncertain contents, makeshift arrangements of blue curtains concealing who knows what, gaffer tape signs stuck on the floor with directions to familiar destinations. For some reason today all this ordinary stuff made me laugh, all this detritus of a rock tour piled out of sight of the general public, all the stuff that we cant leave behind. I think perhaps I saw for a minute that what we have spent our lives doing is really not normal behaviour, this glorious mistake which, against all odds, we have managed to turn into a career. Some days all you want to do is go home, but on a day like today its still feels like a privilege to be out here.

Great gig tonight too, which somehow didn't surprise me. Elevation was achieved. Afterwards back at our new, cool, brightly lit hotel, we gathered together to eat raw fish and chocolate in the middle of the night, as is our wont.

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21 Nov, 2006
Within the bands entourage (certainly by comparison to the crews clockwork scheduling) travel departure times are often a little loose. This morning was especially so, due to three contradictory memos which had been emailed out last night and this morning.
20 Oct, 2006
There was a 6.30pm conference call arranged between Bono (Dublin), The Edge (Los Angeles), Steve Matthews (London) and myself (also London) to blow the cobwebs off our brains and discuss the reincarnation of the Vertigo Tour.
15 Mar, 2006
I was planning on resurrecting the tour diary today, being the day we were scheduled to fly to Auckland for the load-in tomorrow. However, its now old news that the remainder of the tour dates have been postponed, so Im not going anywhere further than the corner cafe. Its been a very weird week indeed - much akin to driving into a wall.
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