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'Sleep I Did'

08 October 2009
'Sleep I Did'
Thursday 8th October 2009. New York. Day off.

Sleep I did. Not overly long, but this is the first morning in weeks when I haven't set an alarm or had to get on a plane, so I felt like I'd had the best lie-in of all time. I still have a frighteningly long 'to do' list, but at least I could hide in my room for the day and start to work through them. I was also feeling the need to spend some time thinking about the show particularly with a view to picking up some of the ideas that surfaced early on but have slipped away for whatever reason.

There's a lot of video tweaking and remaking to be done, so we have kidnapped Smasher to travel with us as full time editor. We had a pretty productive day but by the early evening the cabin fever had set in. Somehow I've recently come to be in the possession of two bottles of champagne, so around 6ish did a quick mail out inviting anyone who was around to come up to my room to enjoy the sunset view and demolish them. I even ran round the corner and picked up a to-go platter of sushi (I hadn't eaten all day and didn't want to fall in a heap right away). About ten people turned up, I typed 'New York' into my iTunes library and dragged all the results into a playlist as background music and presto - instant party.

Later on a couple of us took a walk in search of dinner, across to 9th Avenue, then down to 46th street's 'restaurant row'. Found a nice little Italian place (actually an Italian-Jewish place which was a winning culinary combination) and it was mild enough to sit outside. Walking back through the neon night, I noticed I'd had an email from Lady GaGa's people. Funny old world.

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21 October, 2009
Ah, the view...
Nice view, Willie. Must be somewhere Central Park South.
20 October, 2009
sleep i did
another beautiful page of the diary!
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