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'Something Special'

14 December 2010
'Something Special'
Sydney.  Show 2.

I woke up to a view of the opera house thronged with people (even more so than usual) as Oprah Winfrey was recording her TV show there.  The highlight of this was Hugh Jackman arriving on a €˜flying fox€™ aerial runway cable and smacking straight into the back wall of the stage.  The happy fact that he got away with just a scratch makes it hilarious rather than tragic, but if you watch the YouTube coverage the Kool-Aid insanity of the proposition becomes abundantly clear.
I realise that in writing, it can be a little fatuous to compare one gig to another or even to try to write about the shows in any detail, but I€™ll admit that I was quite taken by surprise during tonight€™s show.  Perhaps I was expecting it to be an anti-climax after last night€™s opening triumph (and stellar reviews, by the way) but there was at least one moment that I felt was unique for this whole tour so far.  Having rehearsed it yesterday, the band were up for playing the All I Want is You / Love Rescue Me double-punch.  The killer blow though was Bono introducing it by talking about U2€™s history with Sydney, and about having made a film here with Richard Lowenstein called LoveTown.  This is where we were mostly based for the LoveTown tour in 1989, a tour that was broadly in support of the Rattle & Hum album.  To follow this with three songs from Rattle & Hum (Pride being the third) made it a wonderfully bespoke celebration and the audience were fully aware that this was genuinely something special, put together for this night.  The band tentatively picking their way through Love Rescue Me had a vulnerable fragility about it - I guess you had to be there, but there was an atmosphere in the place I haven€™t often felt before.

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27 December, 2010
Willies Diary
Willie, Remember the Propaganda mags? You should take all your diaries and put them into hard cover. Post the book on the site for sale. Do whatever with the cash that comes in I for one would be at the front on the line to buy one. Any plans to compile all the entries into one compilation? Webby
27 December, 2010
Bono's speech
I've put a video on youtube of Bono's speech if you would like to see it. He talked about Sydney being the place where Adam 2.0 started and that they are in awe of the man he has become... quite a personal and touching moment.
22 December, 2010
what did Bono say about Adam
For those of us who weren't at this one, can we have a glimpse of what Bono said about Adam?
19 December, 2010
great moment in the show
..."vulnerable fragility" - sums it up perfectly. The band together as one on stage at the same time during Love Rescue Me reinforced the wonderful speech by Bono about Adam. Simple, but effective. Thanks Willie. Liked the visuals for Miss Sarajevo as well.
19 December, 2010
You're right Willie
There was alot of love in the house.
19 December, 2010
Very special indeed!
Wow! What a night that was..... I thought it was just me and the crowd around me in the inner circle that sensed it was something special. Bono's speech about Adam was quite touching and heartwarming and the atmosphere around me certainly changed after that. Thanks for your insights Willie, it's great to hear about the inner workings of the band and the production team from an "insider", and to hear that you thought that night was special too, makes me feel very blessed to have been present that night.
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