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'Splendidly Strange'

26 September 2009
'Splendidly Strange'
Saturday 26th September 2009. New York. Day off.

Spent the morning making videos in a hotel room, as you do. We've an editor locked in a suite on the 15th floor to whom we occasionally throw a bagel to keep him going. The content for Saturday Night Live is done and looks great, so we're working on some more bits and pieces for the show, whilst we're at it.

By early afternoon I was suffering form cabin fever so hiked up the road to Central Park and had a spot of lunch at the Baseball Cafe. It's a lovely spot, by the baseball pitches, with an old fashioned carousel next to it, blaring wonderfully atmospheric, anachronistic music. The sun was shining and I actually relaxed for about 30 seconds.

Within the hour I was back down at NBC studios and we were into SNL rehearsals, part two. Late last night Ultraviolet had been added to the performance so the hanging microphone needed to be rigged. Bono's light-up mic and laser jacket was tricky to get right on the small screen but we went from chaos to glory in under two hours. There followed the dress rehearsal at 8pm, then we were live on air at 11.30pm. It's a long day, the hallmark of which is an abundance of hanging around in corridors, but we did triumph in the end. Breathe was powerful, Moment of Surrender moving and Ultraviolet splendidly strange, putting the mic and laser jacket on TV for the first time.

We got out of there about 1.30am, found a pizza place on the walk back to the hotel, then hit the sack.

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14 October, 2009
Sad I missed SNL
I missed SNL! But the pic that was posted is so cooool ! It's my wallpaper right now. I loved the passionate purple lights during concert, @in Chicago.Ultravoilet was moving, even from my nosebleed seats. Your posts are appreciated. I agree,you need more de-stress time .I hope you can work in a few more minutes each day to "Breathe" God bless you & the crew!
06 October, 2009
Pure Genius
Yes please take care of yourself. I have to tell you, I saw the show in Landover, it was spectacular! But the show in Charlottesville?, Un freakin believable!! We as the audience were coming unhinged! I have never experienced that kind of involvement, screaming , freakin out, at any other event in my life! Pure Genius! I don't know how you dream it all up. The Vertigo tour was amazing! Now this! A day I will never forget! Hats off to you and your crew! Love, AnnMarie
06 October, 2009
Just Two More Minutes . . .
Willy, If the will to use your wily persuading power arises - could you please petition the band to get the rights to this performance of Ulta Violet and consider it as an extra for one of the expected DVD releases? This song is a highlight of the tour for many of the fans it seems, reading any forum shows that - to have a HD/5.1 version of it beautifully recorded would be a great keepsake for many fans, so it was disheartening when they cut the live feed right before Edge took off with his "ultra Violeeeet Raaaaays" . . . Oh, please continue this fantastic diary as time permits, it is and has been the highlight of the U2 site since you started it on the Elevation Tour. It's a great insight to daily life with U2 on the road, plus there's always great nuggets of news to uncover, such as your subtle mention of the upcoming broadcast/dvd . . . .
06 October, 2009
splendidly strange
Beautiful is reading your diary as always, but please take care of your health, 30 seconds of relax and with the fever!
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