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The 180-and-a-bit Tour

15 July 2009
The 180-and-a-bit Tour
Nice. Show day.

Seven shows in to the U2 360 Tour and we find ourselves temporarily transported to the U2 180-and-a-bit Tour. Another curious aspect to tonight's show was that in addition to there being no stadium at the stadium, there is also a large lump of a building right behind our stage. Instead of the usual backdrop of a wall of ecstatic human flesh we found ourselves looking at something resembling a miniature aeroplane hangar, which was novel but not especially satisfying. It was however dark and not gong to rain, so we counted our blessings. It had been a blisteringly hot day, which gave way to a close and muggy evening. I had a few friends at the show which is always fun.

To our eyes the show might have looked rather squinky, but to the audience here, seeing it for the first time, it still seemed to be acceptable. Having got used to being surrounded by the audience it was a little odd to have them ranging out in just one direction, but it was very clear that they had come to have a good time and got on with doing so. It remained very hot throughout the evening and I was slightly amazed that the band got through it without expiring. They soldiered on though, and it actually ended up being a pretty good night.

Thursday 16th July 2009. Nice. Day off.

Ran away and hid today with some friends who were in town. Headed to Fondation Maeght up in St.Paul, then spent the evening in Vence. Dinner at the Auberge des Seignieurs, out on the terrace underneath the clear Provencal sky. It really doesn't get much better than this. I arrived back at the hotel some time after midnight to find that there was no water in the place. All taps gurgling and not a drop. Being a tad sweaty I'd hoped for a shower but had to compromise with splashing Perrier on my face and heading for bed. Most odd.

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elodie f
10 August, 2009
So close!
The "Stadium" is really small but we are so close to the band!! Amazing! It was so hot ;) See u in NY!
10 August, 2009
Love It
Thank you Willie! Your tour diary is much appreciated as always. Your insight to the behind the scenes and life on tour are full of wit and are very enjoyable to read.
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