'The Scent of Coffee...'

04 June 2011
'The Scent of Coffee...'
Seattle. Show day.

Woke up to a gorgeous morning, opening the curtains to sunshine sparkling on the water.   My first task was to return our road-trip rental car to Avis, which is conveniently located just a few blocks away.   Walking back to the Hotel Fabulous, it was all going on. Saturday morning and the whole of Seattle and its mother was out making the most of the weather.  People shopping, walking, brunching and hanging out in the town’s million cafes.  Pike Market was thronged under blue skies, the scent of coffee hanging heavily in the air and clearly the entire city was in a great mood.  It was all absolutely lovely, just like, as Bono was to say later from the stage, the city had just come out of the washing machine and been hung up in the sun to dry. Walking past one particularly pleasant looking French café I spotted a woman waving with much enthusiasm, only to realise that, remarkably, it was somebody that I know, so I popped in for a quick cup of tea and a catch up.
Directly opposite the Hotel Fabulous is SAM, the Seattle Museum of Art, which was advertising a show by Nick Cave. I’ve not had a decent art fix for a while so I went for a look and was a little confused to find that this Nick Cave isn’t the goth-singer-muso-writer-Aussie-artist Nick Cave but an American fashion-chappie Nick Cave. As it turned out, the work in American Nick Cave’s show was really remarkable so I’m glad I went along but I’m sure I’m not the first to have paid my money before realising my error. There was also a lobby exhibition of flying cars by that Chinese guy, which brought back fond memories of my own flying-car exploits many moons ago.

Seattle turned out for us in the evening and it was a great show.  The new Mark Kelly space-words introduction to Beautiful Day worked incredibly well and I think took us all a little by surprise as to how extremely emotional it is in situ.  The audience just ate it up – it was incredibly moving, and going straight into Beautiful Day certainly doesn’t hurt. I was delighted with it and we are one step closer to this final version of the 360 show being ‘finished’.  Closer… but not quite there as there is, unbelievably, still one last new piece to go in as soon as we can get it together (hopefully Anaheim).  Oh, and Zooropa was great, though I couldn’t hear the Tellytubbies, so I’ll have to investigate to find out what happened there.

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13 June, 2011
Beautiful diary Willie!!
You never disappoint me eh?
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