The Trials of Going Private

20 October 2009
The Trials of Going Private
Tuesday 20th October 2009. Phoenix. Show day.

Much to my surprise I woke up very early, though we're still on East Coast time I suppose. Hit the ground running to try to make the most of the surprise additional time before departing for Phoenix. As it turned out we had yet more surprise additional time, as when we assembled in the hotel lobby for departure, word came through that there was a problem with the navigational system on the plane, so we were on stand by. What difficult lives we lead - sometimes I think that people just don't appreciate the trials of private jet travel. Honestly it can be such a burden.

We retired to the hotel cafe where the sun was shining and it was all very L.A. I was sitting enjoying the day when an old friend of my happened by which was a bit of a bonus. He was managing Grant Lee Buffalo the last time I saw him and is now looking after Katherine Jenkins which must be a bit of a change of pace. (Though in between times managed Dido, which I guess is the missing link...)

Our plane proved to be terminally ill, so we ended up having to fly on a substitute which was drafted in at very short notice. This was a full size 777 with about 150 seats, which gave us ample opportunity to play musical chairs all the way to Phoenix. We were horribly late of course and the venue was a long old way from the airport so our visit became a complete and utter flypast. A good friend of mine was at the show and I did manage to drag him to catering for a quick dinner and a catch up, but that aside our feet barely touched the ground before the band were on stage.

The Black Eyed Peas have joined us on the tour and they're quite something. They joined us on the substitute plane for the late night flight back to L.A. which was fun. It'll be good to have them around for this last part of the tour.

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03 November, 2009
High Jinx
Can't wait to get some down and low on having the Black Eyed Peas on board
02 November, 2009
And is that a picture of a soundboard?
Juan Valdez
02 November, 2009
Buzz Feedback
That has to be Muhammad Ali pushing the magic button to start the PHX show.
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