26 March 2011
Santiago - Buenos Aires. Travel day.

As a result of my waterless, nomadic first night here, the management of the Hotel Fabulous sent me a note saying that they would comp me one night's stay. This of course does no good at all for me personally, so I asked that instead they credit the value of one night's stay to my incidentals account. I was rather amazed when they agreed to this, so over the course of days here I've been enjoying picking up the tab for lunch for the lads, and so on. However, on checking out this morning I still found myself with an incidentals bill of minus fifty dollars - a circumstance surely without precedent in rock history. There was still an hour before departure, so I wandered off to the gift shop to fritter away my unanticipated bounty. I don't spend a lot of time in hotel gift shops, they being part of a category of retail outlets (comprising betting shops, Mothercare, PC stores, Victoria's Secret, etc.) that my peripheral vision ignores, knowing that the chances of my ever having any use for them are nanoscopically slim. I do dimly recollect though, that there is usually a glass case or two of high-end shiny objects and perhaps a rack of lightweight clothing. This one had exactly that, plus a highly random selection of crystal housewares, toiletries (including an 'intimacy kit') and guide books to a country we're about to leave. I tried to think of alternatives, so took a look in the restaurant and even contemplated raiding my minibar, but we already spend half our lives on tour having food and drink thrown at us. I drew a total blank finding absolutely nothing at all that I genuinely would have any use for. (They can't even give this stuff away!) In the end I picked up a couple of small, linen-bound notebooks that I'm sure I'll never use but at least it gives me something more to carry.

To the airport, where this happy band of wandering minstrels and door-to-door salesmen set sail for the next port of call. The view of the Andes en route was every bit as spectacular as on our way in and in a couple of hours we landed in Buenos Aires and boarded our fleet of mini-vans to the Hotel Fabulous.

A few of us headed out in the evening to fling ourselves at large portions of cow. There's a square in the San Telmo district that I've been to before and, even though locals would tell you it's terribly touristy, it is a great introduction to the city. Sitting out under the trees in the evening air, drinking Qulimes whilst a tango band plays and people dance in the square. If this is as bad as tourism gets, I can handle it. From here to a local restaurant for steaks of gob-smacking quality for which Argentina is so famous. So far, so very good.

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12 April, 2011
When children teach us...
My son came back recently from a school trip. When probed about his adventure and money management he selectively shared some of his experiences. He said the days were action packed and as a consequence tidying his hotel room given the added challenge of roommates was a challenge, but he tried. He said on the first day he left a thank you note and 2 bucks for the housekeeping person. I told him that was generous given his limited budget and thoughtful. He said, "Mom, sometimes surprises are nice."
29 March, 2011
I can't wait!!
This is the first time I'll see U2 live. But, please, bring back NLOTH songs!! Many other fans had already asked for BREATH, NO LINE and also ULTRAVIOLET. Great songs!!! I'll see ya in Brazil!!!
29 March, 2011
29 March, 2011
Please willie, make a favor for us tell the band to PLAY NOLTH songs !!! We already see the ATYCLB songs on Vertigo Tour. We love these songs too, but now is our oportunity to listen the new songs. Make the same or similar setlist of European and USA concerts. U2 will play 3 nights in Buenos Aires and Brazil, so make 3 diferents setlist. Give a chance for us form 3th world to listen Breath, No Line, Unknow Caller, and the other old songs that band recovery on this tour like Ultraviolet and TUF. We love U2 more than anything else, but we don´t wanna a "best-of setlist" like we see in Santiago, starting the concert with old songs from old albuns (beautiful day and i will follow) and just a little songs from new album. We are wating for you guys on Brazil next week! Thanks for comming. Braun
29 March, 2011
Nice U2´s back in Argentina. Hope you spend a great time.
28 March, 2011
San Telmo is beautiful Willie. I'm glad you like our country. Thanks for bringing the 360 tour here!!
28 March, 2011
Hi Willie, welcome to South America. Please tell the band that we want to see Live performances of Unknown Caller, Breath and No Line on the Horizon. Also Ultraviolet and Bad. Thanks Erick
28 March, 2011
La Plata`s giant softbox
I `ve been wondering how the spaceship and everything look under all that white at La Plata`s stadium. That "giant softbox" that is the roof, works well for the show, or it creates a bit of trouble? It must be awesome!!! I `ve noticed that Larry, mostly wears white, and he always looks like a vision, but sometimes as the drum kit acts as reflectors, he looks a bit overexposed. I hope I get to see his face next saturday. Anyway, I can`t believe I will finally see U2 for the first time! See you soon, argentinians! Cecilia
28 March, 2011
Welcome !!!
Hope you have a very good time in our country. Just 2 days to see you in La Plata !
28 March, 2011
Faraway, so close!
This is the first time I am reading a blog for quite a few days and it`s starting to make me feel like I am close to the writer. Crazy, I know. No psychopath here! I don`t`s just fun reading this blog during countdow. I am just counting the days to see you guys in São Paulo when I am expecting to have this magnificent weekend. Flying in on Thursday and living on Monday after 2 concerts. State of bliss. Hope you guys don`t have any more trouble with brazillian customs. Take it easy. I`ll "see" you (your work) on April 9th. Bem vindos à América do Sul!
28 March, 2011
Willie, welcome to my country! Have a very nice days!
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