Twickenham Rugby Stadium

19 June 2005
Twickenham Rugby Stadium
Another scorching day, but mercifully our trip to the venue was far less traumatic, shaving a mere one hour and fifty minutes off yesterdays journey time. Whilst Ash were on the stage we retired to the dressing room to discuss the logistics of the Live 8 concert on July 2nd. U2 have agreed to perform at Hyde Park in London, despite having a show of their own in Vienna that same day. On paper its possible and the timetable looks like it should be feasible, but clearly a good deal of thought needs to go into the practicalities of moving personnel and equipment. Not to mention rash ideas like rehearsing.

Great gig tonight. Really tremendous. On several occasions I made a point of leaving our little oxygen tent at front of house and heading out into the unwashed masses to be part of the event and the volume of the audience singing was extraordinary. The roar of the chorus during Wild Horses was euphoric. I went back and dragged Bruce and Smasher out for a listen; its important to remember what were really here for.

Much to my surprise, I saw Mike Peters from The Alarm waving to me from the liggers platform in front of our mix position. I havent seen him in the longest time - it has to be ten years - so I was delighted. We had a chance to chat after the show, as I headed up to the hospitality room. It was jammed but very jovial and all were in high spirits after a triumphant show. Jamie Oliver wandered past ('is he doing the catering?', one wag asks), I had a very pleasant chat to a cabinet minister and spotted Mojo Icon of the Year Siouxsie Sioux who looked fabulous.

I hitched a ride home with Sue and Kevin Godley, or at least I thought I had, but it turned out we were going on to another soiree being hosted by our singer. Very nice it was too, late night food, drinks and story telling in the company of the great and the good. Richard Curtis had a chat to me about the visuals for Live 8, which was very helpful. Was also somewhat surprised to find we were in the company of Chelsea Clinton, but youd think Id be used to it by now. You really should never be surprised by who might appear at a U2 show.

The Godleys were staying at the same hotel as me, so we bailed for home about 4ish. I was all done, but Kevin just thought hed see if there was anyone in the bar

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