U2360° TOUR Leg 3: 2011


'Under An Atomic Sky'

'I went out walkin' under an atomic sky
Where the ground won't turn and the rain it burns
Like the tears when I said goodbye...'

When U2360° stopped in Nashville, Tennessee last month, the band paid homage to the late, great Johnny Cash, performing a song they wrote and recorded with him on 'Zooropa.'

This is 'The Wanderer'.

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08 September, 2011
hauntingly beautiful :-)
Johnny Cash lives on..........xxx
05 September, 2011
Could have been better
They should have made the proper version they played at the Cash Tribute.
04 September, 2011
Great show and this was a highlight, along with \"All I Want...\" at end of encore...thanks for sharing!
02 September, 2011
Tennessee yea, yawl!!!!!
01 September, 2011
New Album
What about news about a new album? :-)
01 September, 2011
Wah Wah Wah Wah Wanderin\'
Awesome for those of us who couldn\'t be in the Nash for the show. Thanks for sharing this w/ us :)
28 August, 2011
I was there
best moment of the night. NEVER thought I\'d hear that song
27 August, 2011
loved it thanks for sharing
27 August, 2011
Black is Cash..
26 August, 2011
Johnny Cash would be proud!!
Another amazing performance, no surprise! I LOVE U2 and I loved this tour!!! How can I thank this band enough for giving us all these years worth of the BEST music & entertainment!?
25 August, 2011
so soooOOOO
love this ... \'they say they want the kingdom, but they don\'t want God in it...\'. i must agree with hosive.... these gems are what make U2 so special. and the generosity of thousands to share ...
25 August, 2011
u2 its my life,,wandering loves song
u2 its my life my friends fans of u2...i cant leave whitout listenning u2,,,its my drug...this song its so perfect,,,i no mrs jonh cash wherever you are loves this song....bono and u2 is so perfect..people listening u2 ever,,bono you are my good and u2..portugal,,,not make fans wait more 4 years for a new tour plase,,,thanks,,u2 portugal
23 August, 2011
The gems are...well, the jewels!
It was pretty amazing standing there and hearing Bono move into this song...even if only for a snippet. But if Miss Sarajevo, Zooropa and even Scarlet can go from their relative obscurities into staples, maybe there\'s hope for some more rarely-polished jewels on the *next tour*!!! Some suggestions: Drowning Man, North and South of the River, A Day Without Me, Night and Day...by now, there are so many to choose from. I hope that if the scale needs to be drawn back a little bit, that will make the backdrop more flexible, allowing for different songs to pepper the setlist each night. Maybe it\'s just me, but the band seemed happiest the last month of the tour when they decided to \"shake it up a bit, and do something that isn\'t on the schedule.\" (apologies to R&H-era Edge) That excitement, and the resulting excitement of the longtimers would probably be enough to propel the next tour. Regardless, keep it up boys!
23 August, 2011
Tuned In....
Johnny Cash just Channeled Bono.... Very Cool... : ).
23 August, 2011
The Wanderer
Nice version but the band performed the ultimate version a few years ago for the Johnny Cash tribute concert. One of the best U2 live moments. This song should be in their sets more often. Beautiful song. x
23 August, 2011
What an album and what a song to finish it!!
22 August, 2011
I was fortunate enough to have attended 7 shows in 6 American cities this summer. But damn, what a show to have missed. Beautiful song.
22 August, 2011
Yay! I was here too!
And this wasn\'t even the highlight of this amazing show. Please come back to Nashville, U2. My whole Facebook lit up with awestruck comments of friends who attended. Definitely the highlight of my summer!
22 August, 2011
So beautiful
This is so beautiful. Thank you. natasa
22 August, 2011
yeah. I great song.
22 August, 2011
2012 membership gift: 360 performance hi
this is exactly what longtime u2.com/propaganda fans want...access to the gems from the tour on cd/dvd/download. one tree hill from chicago, bad from pittsburgh, all i want is you and the wanderer from nashville, etc. as well as the unreleased tracks live like mercy, every breaking wave and northstar. live versions of the no line on the horizon tunes would also be welcome. thanks!
22 August, 2011
In search of experience
U2;s amazing performance of \"The Wanderer\" was truly such a wonderful homage to Nashville, the city of music. With the warm depth of his mature voice that was truly reminiscent of the great Johnny Cash, Bono told a moving story about the protagonist;s restless spirit searching for salvation in a comfortless modern world. Interpreting this stand-out track from the \"Zooropa\" album, U2 added another rarely played and memorable tune to the stunning 360 Tour.
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