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The Ocean

17 October 2009
The Ocean
Saturday 17th October 2009. Cancun. Day off.

We've done very well these past few days and got through a great deal of work regarding the broadcast / DVD shoot scheduled for next weekend at the Rosebowl in L.A. Consequently I allowed myself a bit of down time this afternoon and went to discover the beach and even braved the jellyfish in order to swim in the ocean for the first time in as long as I can remember.

By mid-afternoon the sky had turned an attractive shade of black as a huge tropical storm blew in. By early evening the storm broke and torrential rain poured out of the sky, accompanied by spectacular lightning and thunder rolls. Thus far in our stay it has been clear that we are the only people in the resort, but today, rather unfortunately, a wedding party had arrived. Apparently plan A had been to do a whole sunset beach wedding, but the hurricane had required everything to be moved inside so we got to spend our last evening in the company of the full on wedding disco experience featuring the violinist from hell.

This, and a very early start tomorrow, prompted me to take an early night and pack my bags, ready for the morning.

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08 November, 2009
Available for weddings, bar mitzvahs...
Bono is always saying that they are available for weddings and bar mitzvahs; I'm imagining a surreal moment when the band accidently wanders into the wedding reception at the resort and offers to play a song or two....
01 November, 2009
15 yr old fan
i love you guys :) i was the edge for halloween and i was wondering where i could put a picture up?
01 November, 2009
young fan
you guys make my day, everyday. :) i am only 15 but i am in love with U2! my friend and i are have already seen them in phoenix, las vegas, and los angeles. we live in arizona and are going on a road trip this summer when they come back to the u.s. to see them at least 5 more times! i cannot wait until then! and also, i was the edge for halloween and i wanted to put a picture up, but i can't find where?
28 October, 2009
Footsteps in the sand for the insane
I really thought I would dig a job on tour with U2, but now am not so sure. I think I may have died a death of a thousand stings, been killed off by poor hotel coffee or the smell of rotten laundry in my bag. That said, I am so glad that you, Mr Williams, have once again drawn back the curtain and let us share in your mad, mad world.
28 October, 2009
so cal ocean
living in orange county california i can tell you there's nothing like a beautiful beach day. great pic :)
28 October, 2009
Great job
All of your hard work on the Rose Bowl broadcast certainly paid off. It was spectacular! And it is a welcome remedy for my withdrawal pains, having just seen them in Tampa and Norman. So thanks for continuing to stream the concert on YouTube. I......can't......stop......watching.....it!!
28 October, 2009
The Ocean
Through out this whole event, I have tuned into your blogs daily but have never laughed as much as I did today. Yes, disco weddings and a lousy violinist can really ruin your night. Thanks again for filling us in and making us smile!
28 October, 2009
Love the blog... keeps me smiling even on this cold, snowy day.
28 October, 2009
Man, I want your job ...
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