'We're On Tour...'

26 July 2010
'We're On Tour...'
It was pouring with rain as I left home and got a cab to Victoria. We€™re flying from Gatwick, which involves taking the train from Victoria Station, the route to which takes me past Trafalgar Square, Whitehall and Buckingham Palace, so I felt like a tourist for ten minutes.

There€™s quite a few of our touring party on this flight so the reunions have already begun. Everyone seems in very good form, slightly stunned from the unusual experience of having had time off at home over the summer. When the postponement happened, it seems most people either couldn€™t, or chose not to, fill the intervening couple of months with work. I, of course, spent the time redesigning the show as some of what we had planned for the North America was tied into the tour opening during World Cup week in Africa, all of which is now ancient history.

On arrival in Turin buses awaited us to go to our various hotels. It turned out that everybody in my party had the wrong hotel information, but we did eventually make it to the Hotel Fabulous. We€™re on tour.

Later I headed out with some of my lighting and video peeps for dinner and strategy planning. Sitting outside in a narrow, cobbled street on a perfect evening, eating fabulous food, it€™s hard not to wonder what the hell is wrong with alcohol consumption in the UK. We sat there till quite late, the streets full of people, walking, drinking, eating, with not a pissed wanker in sight. When I think of London€™s West End even by 10.30pm on a week night, it€™s a pretty shameful state of affairs. Anyhow, let us not dwell.

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16 August, 2010
Couldn't agree with you more Willie about the pissed w@*kers in the uk streets. rubbish state of affairs, not to dwell though...WELCOME BACK, love it!!
12 August, 2010
O jolly good!!
I was wondering what kept you but there you are! Welcome back :) Tina
12 August, 2010
Welcome back
I'm very glad to read you again. Thanks for sharing your diary. Enjoy the tour. I will follow!!
11 August, 2010
...now we know that the U2 world is back in order. Willie's writing again!
11 August, 2010
what's up with the mannequin in the fore
11 August, 2010
A welcome return
Great to have you back Willie!! Hope to be singing you Happy Birthday in Helsinki on 20 Aug!!!!
11 August, 2010
It is so nice that you are back with your diary. I have been looking forward to that too.. Thank you for sharing with us Love & peace Inger
11 August, 2010
Thank the lord you're back
Why has it taken so long for you to reappear?! You're like 2 weeks behind so hopefully if I look back at lunchtime they'll be a week's worth of entries :)
10 August, 2010
please keep em coming
these diaries rock!
Scott Cleaver
10 August, 2010
Awesome Willie
Keep it coming mate...its so good to hear your side of how it all unfolds...as Lennon would say "Tomorrow Never Knows"!!!!! Cheers from Down Under Scott
10 August, 2010
Thank you
I had just been thinking this week - Where's Willie? Now we know! Thanks for sharing your diary and please keep it coming. We all enjoy being on the road with you.
10 August, 2010
Lift off
Yeah Willie is back! Now this tour has properly lift off!
10 August, 2010
What I've been waiting for!
My love for the tour diaries knows no bounds...so glad you're back!
10 August, 2010
Longer the better!
Love these Diaries, longer the better.
10 August, 2010
Now My Life Can Resume
Its great to see your diary posts. The tour really is back on now. Won't see the show until Denver, but from vids, it looks like the redesign of the show is amazing. Can't wait.
10 August, 2010
Welcome Back!
Been looking forward to your posts! Keep them coming!
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