Big in Belgium


The stage for the upcoming tour is leaving the drawing board and taking shape. We sneaked in to the build to grab a couple of shots.

Who else to get the latest word from but Show Designer Willie Williams. 'After two and a half years of planning, this thing is almost built.' he tells us. ' Pictured is an inverted section of the 'shoulder' of the main structure, being fabricated in Belgium. ' I thought I was getting used to the scale of the operation, but it's pretty staggering to look at this and imagine we're taking it on tour, with several dozen other pieces like it"

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003summersunshine - 27 May, 2009
ONLY WOW!!!!!!!
Man this rocks rocks and keeps on getting better and better
Jono - 11 May, 2009
Can't wait til it comes to Yorkshire! Sheffield, home of steel
Eric1961 - 05 May, 2009
Now it's clear, there has to be a Belgian show added to the tour!!
Petdoc2678 - 30 April, 2009
As a former employee of TOMCAT, a ginat in the entertainment industry, we built truss like this for U2 in the past through Brilliant Stages. I can honestly say i have never seen this big for a production the biggest was metallica and it is dwarfed by this super structure
conjasnat - 30 April, 2009
Cant wait to see this, just a quick heads up, if you require to test it out band and all, the wife says you can play in my back garden, not a problem, remember Edinburgh 84, during gloria bono say " let me introduce you to a party of one" well i was there that night and i want a party all to myself. looks great by the way.
kerkhofs - 30 April, 2009
Good Belgium creativity, good work, great people!!
petikosa - 29 April, 2009
but I fear it will fall on the band :)
scrumpy - 29 April, 2009
I cant wait to be under that marvelous piece of art.  It's already getting my adrenaline flowing,  I can't imagine what the finished product is going to do to my heart.  Good on yah King Willie......
Jannemanu2 - 29 April, 2009
Belgium finest
What a great teaser....a part of Belgium is touring with U2 around the world! Awesome! Another 2 months and it is U2-time!!!! Hell yeah! :D
scbates66 - 29 April, 2009
I Will Follow
Spinal Tap Would be proud :)
bmoney - 28 April, 2009
It Could Eat Zoo TV
A scientist's head, impassioned heart, its being born, this work of art.
pollodaniel - 28 April, 2009
Getting Better
Zoo TV was great, Pop Mart was big, Elevation & Vertigo Tour just went bank to the basic, now 360° Tour seems to be bigger than anything else. U2 is the band of bands, well done guys!
Chef Rick - 28 April, 2009
Once again, U2 and WW step it up! Cannot wait to see the show, and bring with me my 2 friends who have never seen U2....they will be in awe! Chicago or bust!
Luvin_U2 - 27 April, 2009
Luvin U2
It is not going to make any difference to me what the stage looks like...the concert is going to be AWSOME, regardless!!! Can't wait to see them in Norman, Oklahoma!!!!!!!!
yardie - 27 April, 2009
Are you ready? (for Willie)
It seems this time that the album release and tour are falling very quickly on top of each other even though the interim period has been quieter than normal from a fan perspective. I hope all the nuts n bolts are in the right place!!
kevfly82 - 27 April, 2009
More pics please!
Exciting stuff- keep the pics coming as the tour nears!
mhairib - 27 April, 2009
man this looks cool cant wait to c it in glasgow
daddysgirl - 27 April, 2009
I thought it's BIG in JAPAN (Alphaville) hahhaha....WOW is all I have to say to this stage...Can't wait to see it SPIN!
onlyU2 - 27 April, 2009
it's enormous!!!
TONKA71 - 27 April, 2009
Now that's what i call an expensive production! I can only imagine the rest!
gloria002 - 27 April, 2009
on days like these I'm proud to be Belgian. I see Hedwig, founder of Stageco. They've come a long way from the early Rock Torhout/Werchter days. That's 30+ years of very hard work. Congrats! I look forward to seeing this piece of work :)
dianep - 27 April, 2009
Big in Belgium
Meccano never sounded this good! Thanks a lot for keeping us up to date again, Willie. Can't wait to see the finished article. The excitement mounts...
Edwin - 27 April, 2009
A monster is being norn.Cant wait.
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