Vertigo Leg 4: 2006, World

Tokyo, JP
Saitama Super Arena


16 November, 2014
U2 in Japan - wow ...
Was working in Japan for a few months, managed to get tix to one of the gigs in Tokyo. Weird experience, but familiar at the same time. Another awesome U2 show, but standing amongst the respectful, very quiet Japanese audience was odd. polite applause, rather than cheers, whoops and screams. I'm 6'3" I had a great view from my standing floor position about 50 ft back ! They guys played the usual high quality show q-u-i-e-t. Did they turn the amps down ?? Then they came out for the encore with The must have cranked 'em up to 11 for that - fantastic. Also got me to love Saints...wasn't a big fan of that song until they played it in Tokyo - LOVED it. Loud, in your face, rock n roll.
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