Grand Rapids, US / Fountain Street Church



Timothy Travis
24 April, 2017
my friend/coworker was at this show
i didn't discover U2 until War came out. when i went in to work talking about the great band i'd discovered, she said, "yeah, i saw them at a church in Grand Rapids." i was so jealous but she was also a fan so we got to talk about the music a lot.
03 July, 2015
U2 in Grand Rapids!
Wow, what a precious memory. Thanks for sharing, Phil. This show happened before I was even born, but being a Grand Rapids resident, it's so cool to think that U2 played in that church so many years ago.
01 July, 2015
(Can't believe no one's commented on this show yet!) My recollection is that the band never played an encore because Bono got sick, or at least that was the rumor. Nonetheless, it was a mind-blowing show, partly because it happened in an ornate church, and because we had no clue what to expect in terms of the overall vibe or style of the band (nothing like youtube existed then). Bono seemed like an absolute wild man on stage; looked nothing like the 'Boy' album cover I had. It was a sweat-fest. The sound was SO loud that I remember seeing small chunks of plaster falling out of the ceiling. My brother claimed he helped unload & carry equipment with the roadie crew and Larry before the show (needed extra help?). I still have my white w/black graphics concert t-shirt that I bought from that show, a prized possession.
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