Galway, IE
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22 November, 2010
galway 82
vincent and myself got bus down from Tyrone.arrived in galway about 4pm.found b&b then headed to venue.standing outside we hear this massive drum sound.curious we find an open exit door at the back of the hall.slightly apprehensive we slowly walk in.onstage are edge,adam and larry playing "i will follow" minus bono.we look to the back of the hall.joe the hurley is behind the mixing desk,beside him bono.his head and shoulders move the beat.then he jumps to the floor and walks to the middle of the hall still bopping.we didn't have the balls to approach him,so we stood just inside the door and observed the band soundcheck.then adam and larry take a backseat and edge and bono harmonise on a gregorian chant type vocal.next thing we are approached by a an official looking person and asked do we have tickets for the show.we plan to pay at the door and are told to wait at the front of the venue like everybody else.listen, there are so many anecdotes about this gig that i could write a book on it.anybody interested to learn more can let me know and might just write chapter 2!
18 November, 2010
galway 82
was there.
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