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National Exhibition Centre
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RosieUK - 22 July, 2010
2nd U2 gig
First song was Gloria! I remember Bono saying they were performing a new song for the first time ... 'Streets' was being released on the Monday and I was thrilled to find that song on the B-side; it was 'Silver and Gold'. I remember 'Exit', everyone clapping to the drum beat, hands in the air ... the crowd singing "how long to sing this song?" over and over before the encore (I miss that). Can't remember the support - Hoodygurus (no idea of spelling)?? An electric show (think they did Electric Co as well?!). I was on the left side of the stage on the lower tier, quite close to the stage. I was 14 and I still don't care what anyone says, Bono smiled at me :) Rosie
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